Jumbo Ticket October live draw fuction
lottery winners

Jumbo Ticket is an International leading lottery. It is an organization that spreads out around the world in order only to help people with big dreams win millions. Our passion and obsession are to make our dreams come true.   Now, before leaping into the insights on the highlights of the live draw which took […]

Jumbo Ticket Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program

You would notice, most people, have a way of managing a secondary source of income. That way they can rely on their investments to lead satisfactory lives later on. There are numerous ways one can go about it, while investments in stocks, mutual funds, real estate, and now even crypto are popular. Affiliate programs are […]

Jumbo Ticket Online lottery september months live draw
lottery winners

There was a high buzz among the spectators as they were getting settled to watch the Jumbo Ticket live draw for the month of September. The crowd with applause greets our hosts for tonight as Sharon and Peter take center stage. With people watching from all around the world, our hosts prepare to get the […]

Jumbo Ticket Online lottery july months live draw
lottery winners

It’s always exciting, waiting to hear numbers being called out as you wait to see who the winners are, it could be you or anybody. Jumbo Tickets lottery participants definitely felt this excitement when the live draw for this month took place. Here’s a little glimpse into it. Peter and Sharon, the presenters, eased us […]