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When you win the lottery, you get the satisfaction of making a few extra bucks. Lotteries have become a hobby for many people, while others buy tickets as impulse purchases.

That was the case with one such Individual from New Zealand, Lionel James Tuwairua who to his knowledge hadn’t realized that he had become a millionaire overnight.

Lionel registered on Jumbo Ticket, an international online lottery when his aunt who loves playing lotto games had fallen ill. Buying a ticket for her and himself as she wasn’t able to form their local town lottery.

Not giving much thought to it, he had forgotten about the live draw date that was the 5th of November. Until he got a surprising phone call from his aunt who was ill, to his knowledge, out of the blue reminded him of the lottery tickets he had bought. “I checked if my aunt’s ticket was the winner, it turned out to be mine.”

“Of course, she deserves this more than I do, that’s exactly who the money is going to.”, he said

Lotteries can change in your favor whether you expect it or not”. Thanks to Lionel, his aunt’s dream of winning the lottery came true through him.

Lionel expressed his gratitude and satisfaction with Jumbo Ticket for making it possible for him to play and even win. “I’m a crypto investor and when I saw the opportunity, I couldn’t pass it up. It’s much quicker and safe.”

Jumbo Ticket hosts live draws every month, tickets for the three different and exciting jackpots they offer can be bought on the website. Laying lotteries can be fun. It is important to play the lottery responsibly and know the high-risk, high reward aspect of the game. Good Luck!

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