More than just a lottery
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Are you looking for other exclusive programs to make more money than just winning jackpots? Worry not. Jumbo Ticket has got you covered. Jumbo Ticket is an online lottery that aims to offer you multiple chances to hit its jackpots with the minimum ticket cost, from $10 to win around $100 to $1,000,000. It has […]

Celebrating One Year of Jumbo Ticket
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Jumbo Ticket is an international crypto-based online lottery platform that is revolutionizing the online lottery industry and offers the participants to play three of the most enticing and life-changing Jackpots to win up to $1 million from all around the world. It is the gold standard of the best crypto online lottery. When you choose […]

Jumbo Ticket’s Refer A Friend Program
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It is time to explore the world of opportunity where you can make more money than expected. Earning more money every day in life is the dream of many of us. It is a human tendency. Our choices of how to make money may differ, but the desire to earn a stable income lasts until […]

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When lottery players go to the internet, they can find a lot of information about what they want to know because nowadays it is full of lottery tips and tricks. They help players maximize their chances of becoming a millionaire and even multi-millionaire.  Everyone enters the online lottery with the hope of winning massive bucks. […]

Around the World Can Win a $1 Million Jumbo Jackpot
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One of the world’s most prominent online lotteries, based on cryptocurrency, offers a grand prize of $1 million among many other prizes. From the comfort of your own home, anyone has a chance to win and become a millionaire overnight. At, you can buy a ticket for the jackpot you would like to participate in. […]

Millionaire stories
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When you win the lottery, you get the satisfaction of making a few extra bucks. Lotteries have become a hobby for many people, while others buy tickets as impulse purchases. That was the case with one such Individual from New Zealand, Lionel James Tuwairua who to his knowledge hadn’t realized that he had become a […]