When lottery players go to the internet, they can find a lot of information about what they want to know because nowadays it is full of lottery tips and tricks. They help players maximize their chances of becoming a millionaire and even multi-millionaire. 

Everyone enters the online lottery with the hope of winning massive bucks. But winning up to a million dollars and becoming an instant multi-millionaire often seems to be a faraway fantasy and nothing more for many. However, winning jackpots and your dreams is easier than you think with Jumbo Ticket.com.

The Grand Live Draw

Here now, you can get to know everything about our recent live draw that happened on the 5th of March, 2022. Out of several players from all three lucrative jackpots, our hosts, Sharon and Peter, who led the incredible event of the day, chose seventy-five lucky random winners for this month.

The 5th of Every month is something special in the lives of our Jumbo Ticket users, as everyone knows. We hope this article could help those who missed watching the live draw on our official social media channels on the 5th. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Mega Jackpot winners

Our hosts, Sharon and Peter, began the live draw event with Mega Jackpot. They started selecting up to 15 tickets in the first round. The fifteen tickets that our hosts picked up won the first fifteen places, each of them winning an amount valued at $100.

Next up, they started with the second round to announce three winners for third to fifth places. Christopher Bailey from Brunei, ticket number 873066, and ticket number 282734 are the winners who sequentially took home $1000. Second place went to Carol Peterson, with ticket number 575054, taking home a cash prize worth $5000.

Followingly, the hosts drew near the last round to announce the luckiest winner of Mega Jackpot. It was Matthew Hampton from Angola (Ticket No: 296376), who won $100,000. 

Royal Jackpot winners

It was time for those who bought tickets for Royal Jackpot. Hosts began to announce the winners from sixth to twenty-fifth places for the prize amount worth $300. The third, fourth, and fifth places went to Rebecca Liu from Bulgaria, Eddie Scott from Argentina, and Lindsey Vasquez from Nauru, respectively, winning amounts valued at $2500. 

Dang Tano from Vietnam (ticket number: 140132) was the one who got second place to take home $10000. Dorothy Robertson from the Netherlands (ticket number: 403632) won first place, winning cash worth $500,000. 

Jumbo Jackpot winners

It was the awaited and exciting time for many to know the Jumbo Jackpot winners, especially the winner who won $1 million. 

Our presenters then began the final draw of the Jumbo Ticket Lottery. The winners of 6th to 30th places (25 winners) were named out, each becoming happy and winning $500. The winning amount of $5000 went to Barbara Bradford from Liberia, Melissa Richardson from Mali, and Yolanda Hicks from Malta, one after another.

The second place worth $20000 was grabbed by Lori Hill from Argentina, Holding ticket number 674973. Finally, our hosts started announcing the first-place winner of the Jumbo Jackpot with excitement. It was Steven Salazar from Botswana (Ticket number: 859946) who grabbed first place to win $1 million and made his dream achieved with Jumbo Ticket.


I hope you are happy and excited about the live draw event. Have you ever thought of buying tickets online and playing with Jumbo Ticket? You too can stand your chance to win up to a million dollars, visit our website now, register, and partake in the upcoming lottery draw. Remember to dream big to win big.  

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