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You would have to have luck on your side if you are playing the lottery or thinking of playing one, the only guarantee you have of winning is by taking part in it. But let’s talk about the chances of you winning a lottery and how to better them.

Winning a lottery will require you to defy great odds, here’s a few things that have a better chance of happening. Getting struck by lightning or falling plane parts, become the next US president or the next Warren Buffett.

In a standard 6/49 draw, your chances would be 0.0000000000005113857220% of winning. let’s get you inspired, “Optimism is essential to achievement” -Nicholas M. Butler.

Lotteries have an independent probability, say you’ve won a lottery before, that wouldn’t give you better chances of winning it again because each time you enter a lottery your odds are the same as they were in the lottery you won.

You can put the odds in your favor however if you buy more tickets, for example, your odds of winning are 1 in one million, you buy 9 more tickets, and your odds better to 10 in one million.

The argument between quick picks or choosing your own lottery numbers always exists, while each has its own advantages, quick pick seems the obvious choice. Picking your own number to outguess the computer, you may be lowering your odds. Quick pick provides you a better chance as the numbers are randomly generated, just like the daws.

If you follow the lottery industry, you must know who Richard Lustig is. The Florida man won the jackpot times! Before he passed he wrote books and created a software “Lottery Maximizer” to help give his fellow players a better chance. If he’s won it 7 times, it definitely is worth a shot.

Stefan Mandel is another individual to pull off 14 jackpot wins, the Australian did so without breaking any laws of the land. The economist used his affinity of numbers to invent a near-perfect formula, it would provide him with the first five numbers with an added goes to the sixth.

After his twelfth win, the authorities came knocking and found a way to block him by deeming his strategy ‘not in the spirit of the game’. His algorithm can be found on the internet but requires large investments. The algorithm is relatively simple and can be found on the internet. Luck is good but improving your chances is better.

Lottery: What are your chances of winning and How to change the odds in your favour?

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