Jumbo Ticket Live Draw Winners - April 2024

Step right up for another exhilarating session of dreams turning into reality with Jumbo Ticket’s live draw! Get ready for another heart-stopping event, where luck smiles broadly and fortunes are made. Let’s dive into the magic of the 34th live draw and see who will join the illustrious ranks of winners on their journey to newfound wealth!

Live Draw Excitement

Every draw in the Jumbo Ticket event is executed with utmost fairness and transparency. Our engaging hosts skillfully select winners from the spinning drum filled with all participating tickets, ensuring every entrant has an equal shot at winning big. The excitement peaks as we reveal the winning numbers live, offering a truly immersive and thrilling experience to everyone involved. Get ready to be part of this fantastic journey of anticipation and joy!

Mega Jackpot Revealed

The excitement builds with the Mega Jackpot, where anticipation fills the air. Each ticket holder’s pulse races as we start to announce the winners who will take home part of this fantastic prize. Fifteen lucky participants will win $100 each, but the climax builds for the top five spots:

5th place: $1,000 – Nonhle Khumalo

4th place: $1,000 – Mohit Chauhan

3rd place: $1,000 – Otilia Sidlo

2nd place: $5,000 – Nkosinathi Nkosi

1st place: $100,000 – Mihnea Mihaila

Royal Jackpot Winners

Continuing the night of surprises is the Royal Jackpot, packed with drama and endless possibilities. Twenty thrilled winners will claim $300 each, spreading happiness around. As we reach the top spots, the atmosphere is electric:

5th place: $2,500 – Phi Hiet

4th place: $2,500 – Aariz Ahmed

3rd place: $2,500 – Lydie Luboya

2nd place: $10,000 – Julius Mwakatobe

1st place: $500,000 – Benson Mcharo

Jumbo Jackpot Climax

The pinnacle of the night is the unveiling of the Jumbo Jackpot. With the crowd at the edge of their seats, twenty-five winners are announced to receive $500 each. The top contenders bask in their winnings of $5,000 and $20,000, leading up to the most awaited moment:

5th place: $5,000 – Mansukh N Patel

4th place: $5,000 – Bronson Hutchinson

3rd place: $5,000 – Leonor Prieto

2nd place: $20,000 – Vinicius Carvalho

1st place: $1,000,000 – Tarsicio Jimenez

Looking Ahead

As April winds down, the thrill of victory lingers, inspiring all who dare to dream. Congratulations to all our winners, whose incredible stories light the way for future dreamers across the globe. Remember, the adventure doesn’t end here! Join us next month on our Facebook channel for more thrilling draws. Perhaps you’ll be the newest addition to our Jumbo Winners Club or even take your place among the legendary League of Millionaires!

Jumbo Ticket Winners – Live Draw April 2024

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