Jumbo Ticket is back with another live draw! As you all know, we celebrate the 5th of every month by creating 75 winners. We are a lottery website that gives players a platform to make their dreams come true while providing them with the best of both online and offline lotteries.

The month of September was no different. Jumbo Ticket is a lottery with three amazing jackpots in which our members can choose to participate. With tickets in the range of $10 to $100, the possible winnings range from $100 to $1 million. All you need are six numbers!

The Live Draw

Lisa and Peter are our hosts, who so kindly, as usual, took us through the announcing of the winner, giving us a brief on how the Jumbo Ticket lottery works before they did. Now let us look at the winners of the live draw as it happened.

The Mega Jackpot

As we know, the live draw starts with the lower tier prizes, the Mega jackpot. Tickets cost just $ 10 and win between $ 100 and $ 100,000. Our hosts have started announcing the winners from 6 to 20th place. Twenty lucky Mega Jackpot winners are selected, 15 winners with $100 each in prizes. 

The third, fourth and fifth place winners received $ 1,000 each. They are Samuel Frederick, Patricia Ramirez, and Anthony Esparza. Second place with $ 5,000 was Stacie Turner. The grand prize winner is Jonathan Stevens from Egypt, who bought a $10 lottery ticket for a $ 100,000 prize. 

The Royal Jackpot 

Winning has never been so easy. Many of our participants encounter this situation regularly. Next up is the Royal Jackpot. Tickets cost just $ 50. Enter and win prizes ranging from $ 300 to $ 500,000. You can create your destination by choosing a jumbo ticket. Lisa and Peter then announced the winners of the sixth to the twenty-fifth of the $ 300 cash prize. 

Matthew Alexander from Iceland, Ryan Daniels from Israel, and James Hill from Nigeria finished third, fourth, and fifth, earning $ 2,500 each. Richard Melton of the UK came in second and won $ 10,000. John Stewart of Togo won $ 500,000 with ticket number 187685. 

The Jumbo Jackpot

You only need six identical numbers to win the mega jackpot. Everyone was looking forward to meeting the jumbo jackpot winner. Tickets cost less than $ 100, and you can win cash prizes ranging from $ 500 to $ 1,000,000. Our hosts choose the winners of the 6th to 25th, that’s 20 Jumbo Jackpot winners for cash prizes of $500 each. 

Kristen buck, Mc. Samuel Hayes MD, and Karen Howard took third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively, with more than $ 5,000 in prizes. Second place went to Stacie Brown with $ 20,000. The lucky winner of the Jumbo Jackpot is Japan’s Jessica Krause Than with lottery number 979425. Her jackpot prize was $ 1 million. Congratulations to everyone who participated and won many cryptocurrencies. Finally.


Today is the international day of charity. One of Jumbo Ticket’s core values is to give back to the community. Hence, we are proud to inform our members that every ticket is you doing your part to impact change.  $1 from every ticket bought is donated towards the Jumbo Ticket Trust, where we collaborate with global NGOs who strive to make a difference.

To participate, visit our website and register, buy tickets for the jackpots you want to participate in, and choose your favorite cryptocurrency for deposit and withdrawal. Don’t forget to check out our monthly lottery on social media like YouTube and Facebook on the 5th. When you dream big, you can win big. Are you ready to become a millionaire? If so, join us and take part in three grand prizes. Dream big! Win big!

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