Jumbo Ticket Live Draw: As It Happened -  January 2024

Jumbo Ticket Live Draw As It Happened - September 5th, 2023


Welcome, dear Jumbo Ticket enthusiasts! As we step into the New Year, the anticipation surges for another spectacular live draw on January 5th, 2024. Jumbo Ticket, your trusted partner in turning dreams into reality, continues to redefine the lottery experience with our commitment to fairness, exciting jackpots, and a seamless blend of online and offline engagement.


In our 31th live draw, the charismatic duo, Lisa and Peter, will once again take center stage to unveil the lucky winners. With three incredible jackpots and ticket prices ranging from $10 to $100, the potential winnings span from $100 to a jaw-dropping $1 million. Six numbers are all that stand between you and the chance to transform your aspirations into tangible victories.


Jumbo Ticket’s Commitment to Excellence

Before delving into the excitement of this month’s draw, let’s revisit what sets Jumbo Ticket apart. Our relentless pursuit of fairness enhances the odds for all participants, ensuring a multitude of winners in each draw. As a valued member, you’re not just a participant; you’re an integral part of our commitment to giving back, offering you an equitable opportunity alongside our top-notch services.


Mega Jackpot Extravaganza

The live draw kicks off with the Mega Jackpot, setting the stage ablaze as fifteen fortunate participants each claim a $100 prize. The room brims with excitement as the winners step forward to receive their unexpected fortune. The top five winners of the Mega Jackpot are:


5th place winner of $1,000 – Ishaan Huff

4th place winner of $1,000 – April Wade

3rd place winner of $1,000 – Salomon Rodriguez

2nd place winner of $5,000 – Gaspar Batista

1st place winner of $100,000 – Abdul Mbarouk


Royal Jackpot Euphoria

The spotlight gracefully turns to the Royal Jackpot, where twenty individuals revel in $300 prizes, generating waves of cheers and applause. The grand prize winner takes home an astonishing $500,000, as dreams materialize in an electrifying atmosphere. The Royal Jackpot winners are:


5th place winner of $2,500 – Aquiles Fuentes

4th place winner of $2,500 – Gregg Hines

3rd place winner of $2,500 – Vladimiro Montoro

2nd place winner of $10,000 – Raymond Stump

1st place winner of $500,000 – Virgil Claeys


Jumbo Jackpot Spectacle

Anticipation reaches its peak as the Jumbo Jackpot winners emerge. Twenty-five individuals collect $500 prizes, while top contenders secure substantial $5,000 rewards. Enthusiasm fills the air as the runner-up claims an impressive $20,000. The climax arrives with the million-dollar Jumbo Jackpot victor, who steps into the spotlight amid a symphony of cheers and applause. The Jumbo Jackpot winners are:


5th place winner of $5,000 – Tracey Snooke

4th place winner of $5,000 – Manuel Nazario

3rd place winner of $5,000 – Simi Losif

2nd place winner of $20,000 – Lorena Marian

1st place winner of $1,000,000 – Wimbo Masoud


Celebrate the Victors, Seize the Opportunity

As the January 2024 live draw concludes, we extend heartfelt congratulations to all the winners. Mark your calendars for the next live drawing, broadcast on our Facebook channel. Don’t miss the chance to participate, dream big, and win big! Join the prestigious ranks of the Jumbo Winners Club and, who knows, become the next member of the League of billionaires. Your opportunity awaits – embrace it today!

Jumbo Ticket Live Draw: As It Happened –  January 2024

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