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The question is often asked, what would you do if you won the lottery? There’s no telling unless you come across such a fortune but the possibilities are endless. Let’s take a look at how some lottery winners spend their winnings.

Winning a lottery can be life-changing, buying a house is the most common thing people do after winning the lottery. Followed by quitting your job, investing in businesses, and buying cars. But here are some unusual ways lottery winners go about their expenditure.

Sweet as sherbet

We’ll start with a somewhat delightful venture when Louise White purchased a lottery ticket and won $ 336.4 million. She opened a trust to benefit her family for the future years, of course, she gets to name it and she did so, The Rainbow Sherbet trust was named after her favorite dessert.

A big picture

An 18-year-old Lagarde decided to follow her dream of photography after she won an unexpected US$ 1 million. She opted to receive $1000 a week instead of the lump sum, to travel and pursue photography. “One of my dreams would be to work for National Geographic,” she told the local news team covering the event.

Showers of tribute

Linda and John Kutey became winners of a $ 28 million jackpot in 2011, they decided to donate $ 200000 to build a spray park in their town in honor of their parents. Sean Ward, executive assistant to the Mayor said “We demolished the wading pool and put the spray pool in, It cost the taxpayers nothing.”

Houston….we have a problem

William Post’s life changed when he won $ 16 million, despite his hardship he ended up blowing off his money buying houses and cars. But the most bizarre thing he bought was a twin-engine plane, while he didn’t know how to fly one and did not have a pilot’s license.

Teenage dreams

19-year-old Jonathan Vagas won $ 35 million to his surprise, he had good intentions initially building a home for his mother, founding a trust for his siblings, donating to his local church, and even investing in his college education. He soon deviated from his ‘secure future’ plans by starting a wrestling show with scantily clad women which lasted only a season and was a huge failure.

Go big or go home

In the UK, football is a popular sport, and an expensive one at that.  John McGuinness, one such fan, won $ 10 million and tried his luck in the football business. He invested 40 % of his winnings in his favorite team. Unfortunately, his team didn’t do well and his investments failed to pay off.

For a greater cause

Robert ‘Bob’ Erb has been an active member of the legalization movement in Canada for a long time. He purchased a ticket on the way to his father’s funeral in 2012 and won $25 million. He immediately donated $1 million to an annual event that supports the legalization movement. It is called 420 days.

Some things are really important to people, and lotteries make it a possibility to achieve them. Even though sometimes it can get a little….extreme.

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