Jumbo Ticket anchors during july 2021 live draw

It’s always exciting, waiting to hear numbers being called out as you wait to see who the winners are, it could be you or anybody. Jumbo Tickets lottery participants definitely felt this excitement when the live draw for this month took place. Here’s a little glimpse into it.

Peter and Sharon, the presenters, eased us into it by starting with the MegaJackpot winners. As you know there are three jackpots JumboTicket offers…The Mega jackpot, the Royal jackpot, and the 1 million dollars Jumbo jackpot. Each jackpot has a number of winners,  15, 20, and 25 respectively.

We started off with the 6th to the 20th winners each winning $100, as Peter and Sharon took turns reading out the ticket numbers. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th place winners received $1000 each, Cesar Clement, Jackeline Ngina and, Ridzka Karounia were the lucky winners. The $5000 worth second pace went to Shakeel Lashari from Pakistan. The Mega jackpot is valued at $100,000, which went to Emran Kaiser also from Pakistan, congratulations!

The Royal jackpot winners from 6th to 25th place took home $300 each, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place winners got $2,500 each. The second winner of the royal jackpot, Elie Muhiya from Turkey won $10,000, and the Jumbo Jackpot, the winner taking home $500,000, Hazmir Bin Yahya of Malaysia.

The wait is over, we have almost gotten to the moment everyone’s been waiting for, as the presenters start taking turns reading out the Jumbo jackpot 6th to 30th winners. 25 winners receiving $500 each, a lot of winners here. 3rd, 4th, and 5th place $5,000 prizes were snatched by Tambwe Anzuruni, Kutlu Tshekoetsile, and Lethabo who is from South Africa. The second-place winner for the prize of $20,000 is Daniel Marroquin from Mexico, and finally the winner for the $1 million jackpot, Eunice Njoki of Kenya. Congratulations are in order to all the lucky winners.

You can watch the draw, or highlights of your choosing on our Youtube page, or visiting our Facebook page. Wouldn’t it feel great to be able to read your name here, What are you waiting for? Head on to the JumboTicket website and participate and have a better chance of being a winner.

Jumbo Ticket live draw as it Happened – July 5th

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