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Nic Cage once played a cop in a movie who shared his lottery ticket with a waitress and won. We can’t all be the Ghost Rider but this happened. New York City police detective Robert Cunningham agreed to split his lottery winnings with Phylis Penzo as a tip. She agreed, and the two won $6 million together.

Here are some inspiring lottery-winning stories, hope Nic Cage doesn’t end up playing more of these.

The luckiest of the unlucky

Frane Selak is a name well associated with disastrous incidents, but he always seems lucky. He has had 1 instance with a plane and a train each, 2 instances with busses, and 3 with cars.

He has survived every single one of them, you’d think he would run his luck out. Think again, imagine his surprise when he won $600000 from a local lottery in 2003.

Bill Morgan is one other to cheat death, a fatal accident caused a heart attack, and was clinically dead for 14 minutes but was revived. He went into a medically induced coma for 12 days without any serious health problems.

Sometime after he tried his luck and bought a scratch-off ticket, he won a car instantly. The local news team decided to film a reenactment of the win. Bill Morgan purchased another scratch-off to win $250000.

Giving Back

A lottery winner in Canada learned that the restaurant owner’s child had cancer while waiting for his meal. He wrote a $10000 check out of his $25 million wins for his burger and fries, to help pay for the medical bills.

Les Robins was a high school teacher who founded camp win negator, on a 226-acre land, for kids to get in touch with nature and real human interactions. He was able to do so with his $111 million jackpot win, now kids get to enjoy things he did as a child.

John and Linda Kutey used their $19 million winnings to help renovate the local park, now it’s a spray park. A great way for the kids to cool off in the summer is, Talk about local superheroes.

Truly inspiring

Just 2 months after winning a $55.2 Million Jackpot in September of 1988, Sheelah Ryan set up The Ryan foundation which donated money to various causes.

From providing care of stray animals to funding surgical procedures for children in need. She even built houses for the unfortunate and helped pay off the due rent of single mothers too.

Cynthia P. Stafford was a single mother who took in 5 of her brother’s kids after he passed away. She was a sole earner in a big family living in a small house.

Her life changed when she won a $112 million jackpot, three years from when she started buying lottery tickets. Credit prayer and the law of attraction for her win, she now can sport her 5 kids and help her father make ends meet.

What are the odds?

You may not know who Richard Lustig is, but he’s a big-ticket in the lottery business. Seven times he has been lucky enough to win the lottery! using a secret strategy for picking numbers and now offers tips to other players on lottery numbers, he even wrote a book about it.

One Massachusetts man bought a lottery ticket with his favorite numbers without knowing that his family had given him a season pass to the lottery. Automatically entered the draw with the same numbers and ended up winning the same lottery twice!

At the age of 14, Peter McCathie was struck by lightning on the ocean. Over time he and his co-worker started playing the lottery and won a year later.

As a comparison, you have a better chance of becoming a saint or being wiped out by an asteroid than getting struck by lightning and winning the lottery.

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