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Are you looking for other exclusive programs to make more money than just winning jackpots? Worry not. Jumbo Ticket has got you covered. Jumbo Ticket is an online lottery that aims to offer you multiple chances to hit its jackpots with the minimum ticket cost, from $10 to win around $100 to $1,000,000. It has become a popular online lottery through its innovative approach, where all the lottery winnings to the jackpot winners are through cryptocurrencies.

This article will help you find other loyalty programs that Jumbo Ticket offers you to generate regular income in addition to the benefits beyond the Jumbo Ticket jackpots.

Benefits of Jumbo Ticket

Here are some of the benefits of the Jumbo Ticket lottery platform to make our users more convenient to join us and feel comfortable in winning the lottery and celebrating the victory.

  • Free Registration
  • Assured Anonymity
  • Ticket price is as low as $10
  • Secured RNG servers
  • Get instant withdrawals
  • Get returns in Cryptocurrency
  • 24/ 7 customer support
  • Get a 10% Affiliate bonus
  • Guaranteed profit
  • Up to 75 winners
  • No International boundaries
  • Win up to 1 million dollars

Refer A Friend program

Before explaining what the Refer A Friend program is all about to earn constant income, it is worth understanding some of the benefits that Jumbo Ticket offers to its users who participate in this program. Here, we go.

  • Jumbo Ticket offers a free signup process with three easy steps to start earning -consistent income. You can visit our website, register an account with us and refer their friends, family, relatives, and anyone to get a 10% commission. 
  •  We allow you to make unlimited referrals to get up to a 10% bonus amount.
  • For each active referral you make, we certainly distribute your commission each time to your “I” wallet after the referral registration with us gets done.
  • We allow you to join us through this program from your comfort zone online.

These are some of the benefits that you will receive by participating in this refer-a-friend program. Well, here’s an explanation of what the Refer a Friend program is all about and how you earn a 10% commission from it.

The Jumbo Ticket Refer A Friend program is a beneficial service Jumbo Ticket provides to its users. After joining our Refer A Friend program, you will get a tremendous opportunity to earn a 10% commission for dealing or promoting our products/ material tools on your network to refer your friends, family, and any members from all around the world. Once you make any new referrals (members), you will be given a commission of up to 10% to your “I” wallet on the Jumbo Ticket dashboard. Go to our official website to join our Refer A Friend program. Click on the “Refer A Friend” option to become a partner with us to enjoy the benefits.

Become A Franchisee program

 Become A Franchisee Program is another lucrative opportunity that Jumbo Ticket has created to allow its users to earn more extra money. When you become partners with us, you can avail our exciting privileges.

What is the Jumbo Ticket Franchisee?

The Jumbo Ticket Franchisees are the members who can accept rights from us to advertise our online lottery site. Jumbo Ticket offers franchisees all the collateral to use on their network for promoting our platform. To become a franchisee with us, all you have to do is visit our official website, register with us, start purchasing the package of your preference from our four different packages, and complete the transaction to get access to our promotional or material tools. The packages are as follows:

  • Jumbo Ticket offers the Professional package for $500, and when you buy it, you receive a bonus of up to 25% on the purchase amount.
  • It offers the Legendary package for $5000, and when you start purchasing it, we give you a bonus of up to 50% on the purchase amount.
  • It offers the Ace package at $10,000, and when you purchase this pack, you receive a bonus of up to 75% on the purchase amount.
  • Finally, it is offering the Champion package for $25,000, and whoever buys this package will get a bonus amount of up to 100% of the purchasing amount.

You can track your initial deposit amount, which is the purchase amount for each of the packages, in your R-wallet. You can use this amount for any purpose you want. Jumbo Ticket guarantees you your bonus amount, which you will receive around 25% and go all the way up to 100%, depending on the chosen package. A minimum of $500 will be deposited into your account when you purchase a package at first. You can also withdraw your funds instantly from the R-wallet on the Jumbo Ticket dashboard.

Refer-A-Franchisee program

Jumbo Ticket Refer A Franchisee program works similar to our Refer A Friend program. This means that when you refer someone to the franchisee program, you gain a 10% bonus on their initial deposit. You will continuously earn revenue on each referral you activate. Jumbo Ticket also gives a referral signing commission, starting at $500. You can make unlimited referrals to get 10% of the commission, as mentioned earlier.

Do not miss out on this incredible income opportunity. Join as an affiliate and be rewarded with lucrative bonuses.


Jumbo Ticket is one of the leading crypto-based online lottery platforms. It is an initiative where we want to give back to our community. Giving wings to our users’ dreams and turning them into reality. Jumbo Ticket strives to make many more winning stories in the years to come. While also providing the best online lottery experience. We hope you have multiple opportunities to join us by playing our three unique jackpots, joining our Refer A Friend program, or Becoming/ Referring a Franchisee program to maximize your income. For detailed information about us, visit our official website.

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