Celebrating One Year of Jumbo Ticket

Jumbo Ticket is an international crypto-based online lottery platform that is revolutionizing the online lottery industry and offers the participants to play three of the most enticing and life-changing Jackpots to win up to $1 million from all around the world. It is the gold standard of the best crypto online lottery. When you choose to play the Jumbo Ticket lottery Jackpots, you can indeed change your lives as you dream. 

And, We are happy to announce that, Jumbo Ticket successfully celebrates the first anniversary of our online lottery. Read on to know our one-year lottery journey to date and more about Jumbo Ticket.

The Reliable Online Lottery 

Jumbo Ticket is a secured and certified online lottery site that strives to provide users with a pleasant lottery experience. Being a budding lottery platform, Jumbo Ticket performs well by having a place in the hearts of many across the world. 

Jumbo Ticket is a reliable and transparent platform. We fulfill the requirements of the customers by giving 100% satisfaction. Our highest priority is our customers. We give you three simple steps to join as one of our family members. They are, 

  • Register
  • Add funds to buy tickets 
  • Play to win any amount between $100 to $1 million.

Unique Jackpots

Jumbo Ticket provides three unique jackpots namely Mega, Royal, and Jumbo Jackpots. Anyone can buy tickets online for any of the jackpots to maximize your winning chances from anywhere you want. As Jumbo Ticket is a crypto lottery, players can participate with us only if they have Cryptocurrency to buy tickets for the Jackpots we provide.

  • With just $10, you can play the Mega Jackpot to win from $100 to $100,000. 
  • For $50, you can play the Royal Jackpot to win from $300 to $500,000. 
  • For $100, you can play the Jumbo Jackpot to win From $500 to $1,000,000. 

All it takes is only six matching numbers. All you need to participate in our three unique Jackpots is just a stable internet connection on your mobile or any device that you want to use.

Amazing Live Draw 

Jumbo Ticket has conducted 11lottery live draws and has selected 825 winners from all three Jackpots so far. We conduct our live draw on the 5th of every month. Our first live draw took place on the 5th of May 2021. We choose 75 lucky winners during each live draw, giving prizes worth thousands to a million dollars.

You can watch our live draw on the 5th of each month on our official Youtube channel. You can also watch our lottery live draws highlights, updates, and other information about Jumbo Ticket on our Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram pages. We keep you updated with everything that takes place in Jumbo Ticket. Feel free to go through our official website and our official social media channels to know everything you look for about us.

Seventeen Million Dollars 

Seventeen Million dollars? Yes, Jumbo Ticket has distributed more than Seventeen million dollars to our winners so far. We make the dreams of our players come into reality one day for sure, as we have done it for the winners of our Jackpots. With Jumbo Ticket, you will have more probability of winning our Jackpots because we choose 75 assured winners and guaranteed winning numbers each month. 

You can stand your chance too to be one of our 75 winners, winning any amount in crypto between $100 to $1 million. Start buying tickets online with us to make your dreams come true and celebrate your life.

Payment process (Deposit and Withdraw in Crypto)

All you need is a cryptocurrency wallet to partake in our jackpots. If you win our jackpots, you will receive your winning amount in cryptocurrency within a few hours. Once your money is credited to your account or “I” wallet, you can instantly withdraw all your winnings.

We allow the following cryptocurrencies for the payment process. 1. Bitcoin 2. Etherium 3. USDT (TRC20) 4. USDT (ERC20) 5. XRP 6. Dogecoin 7. Tron 8. Binance 9. Litecoin and 10. BUSD. Players can select any one of the cryptocurrencies of their choice to add funds to their crypto wallet to buy tickets. You can only use one of these ten cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. You can deposit your amount in your F wallet and receive your winnings in your I wallet. All your winnings will be in Cryptocurrency. Using Cryptocurrency as a medium for transactions, Jumbo Ticket helps its users to have quick transactions like deposits and withdrawals.


Many doubt whether Jumbo Ticket.com is safe to play, legit, or a scam? When it comes to online lotteries, these types of doubts are common. Because, at any time, hackers may find online accounts, especially the accounts of the online lottery players, to hack them or steal from their accounts. 

So, as fraudulent activities are commonly found online, Jumbo ticket evolves as a solution to all these problems faced by our users. Jumbo Ticket is certified by SiteLock which helps prevent cyber threats. It is also certified by TrustedSite and PositiveSSL to have high-level security. It also holds a DMCA.com compliant badge to make our participants know that Jumbo Ticket is a standardized copyright claim process.

We guarantee your safety. Jumbo Ticket is remarkably safe to play the lotto online and legit.

Worldwide players

With Jumbo Ticket, players can buy tickets for their preferred jackpots online to participate with us from their comfort zone. Say, it may be the house, office, restaurant, bedroom, and any places they like. The players from 18 years old are allowed to play the lottery with Jumbo Ticket.

RNG Servers 

Jumbo Ticket, the revolution of the online lottery industry, with the help of RNG or Random Number Generator, generates six random numbers every time. Our users can select six numbers from it or choose your six lucky numbers for your ticket. The winning ticket numbers are characterized by these six numbers that you chose.

Users Anonymity

If any players win a massive amount such as a million dollars, they have to undergo a lot of problems, disturbances, or depression because of the family members, friends, relatives, and even neighbors. They may ask you for some money for debt for many reasons. When you prevent them from knowing your massive win, you can be relaxed and happy as you expect. Right?

Jumbo Ticket keeps all its users anonymous after each big win. The safety of your account and privacy is the very crucial and topmost priority for us.

Jumbo Ticket Trust

Jumbo Ticket Trust is an initiative through which we help the school children to give them better education and good living, joining hands with our Sierra Leone-based NGO partner, Develop Africa. We can run this campaign only with the support of our users. How? Yes, From every ticket our users purchase for any of the jackpots, we keep aside $1, which helps us support the needy. With this, Develop Africa provides pens, pencils, and other necessities to help their education, partnering with us. Likewise, they also supply mosquito nets to guard them against the fight against malaria.

It is a simple step we have recently begun to make a huge impact on our society with a small contribution, our users give by purchasing tickets online with us. Are you ready to support us to make a change happen every time in the lives of the needy? 

All you have to do is only purchase a ticket from us. 

The Universal Boss: Chris Gayle’s word

Here we have come up with the words of Chris Gayle, who supports Jumbo Ticket and the campaign “Jumbo Ticket Trust” run by Jumbo Ticket. He is a destructive batter and widely considered as one of the most outstanding batsmen to have played Twenty20 cricket, and by some as the best. 

He says, “Big congratulations to you, Jumbo Ticket. Jumbo is a big name. Do the best as you do to all your users to make their dreams come true. Cheers.” He also mentions, “Jumbo Ticket runs a campaign called Jumbo Ticket Trust which is a charitable initiative. For this, I salute Jumbo Ticket. For any tickets ever purchased by any particular user, $1 will be donated to a charitable cause such as welfare education, the development of Africa, partnering with Non-governmental organizations, and Develop Africa. Now purchase a ticket and it will be nice. Start purchasing tickets from Jumbo Ticket,….”

Refer A Friend Program

Jumbo Ticket also provides the Refer A Friend program. It helps everyone who wants to maximize their profits. It serves as a second source of income. By joining our Refer A Friend program, you can earn more than winning our jackpots. All you have to do is register with us, use our collaterals (Material tools provided on our website), and refer your family members, friends, relatives, and anyone. For this, you will be given a 10% commission. Jumbo Ticket allows its users to make unlimited referrals too. It is one of the best means Jumbo Ticket provides its users to help them earn more money to enjoy their lives. 

Become/Refer A Franchisee

Jumbo Ticket recently brought forth the Become and refer A franchisee program. Through this program, You can buy our rights, use our material tool, and promote on your network by referring others. We provide four packages namely Professional, Legendary, Ace, and Champion packages. You can purchase our packages for $500 to $25,000. Get bonuses from $50 to $100 based on the package you choose and get instant withdrawals from your ‘R’ wallet on the dashboard. 

You can also get a commission of $500 for just signing up as a franchisee partner. When you make more franchisees to our platform, you will get more bonuses as well as receive 10% of the initial deposit made by the franchisee and get instant withdrawals. If you don’t want to miss this biggest opportunity, Join now our Become/Refer A Franchisee program to earn exclusive bonuses.


In this current scenario, everyone knows that the Metaverse is going to be the future of the Internet but do you know which one is going to be the future of the online lottery? Yes, It is Jumbo Ticket, the revolution of the online lottery industry. Grab your tickets with us to win up to a million dollars. We create 75 winners each month on the 5th when we conduct our live draw officially. One thing you need to understand is it is risky but highly rewarding too. All it takes is only six matching numbers to experience the thrill of winning big. Dream Big! Win Big! If luck favors you, it could change your life forever.

To know more about Jumbo Ticket, Go to our official website, read everything, and start participating to win massive amounts.

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