Jumbo Ticket Live Draw April 2024

Welcome to the May edition of Jumbo Ticket’s electrifying live draw, where the magic of winning unfolds before your eyes! Prepare to be swept away by the thrill of anticipation as we reveal the fortunate souls who will embark on unforgettable journeys of fortune and fame.

Live Draw

Get ready to witness the excitement as we bring you another round of heart-pounding action in our live draw event! Our transparent and secure process ensures fairness for all participants, guaranteeing that every ticket holder has an equal shot at glory. Join us as we spin the drum of destiny and unveil the winners in real time, creating an immersive experience like no other.

Mega Jackpot

The May draw kicks off with the exhilarating Mega Jackpot reveal! Hold your breath as we announce the winners of our spectacular prizes. From $100 rewards to life-changing $100,000 payouts, the suspense is palpable as dreams come true for our lucky contenders.

5th place: $1,000 – Brice Kakese

4th place: $1,000 – Evan Klein

3rd place: $1,000 – Silvia Gutierrez

2nd place: $5,000 – Metod Siroka

1st place: $100,000 – Emilie Jilek


Royal Jackpot

Next up, it’s time for the Royal Jackpot extravaganza! With prizes ranging from $300 to an astounding $500,000, the excitement is contagious as we celebrate the triumphs of our winners. Who will walk away with the ultimate prize? Stay tuned to find out!

5th place: $2,500 – Jayvano Ven

4th place: $2,500 – Nana Asamoah

3rd place: $2,500 – Athalie Robert

2nd place: $10,000 – Kamande Kamau

1st place: $500,000 – Iseult Gautier


Jumbo Jackpot

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for arrives with the Jumbo Jackpot revelation! With rewards of $500 to a staggering $1,000,000, the stakes have never been higher. Who will join the ranks of our esteemed Jumbo Winners Club? The answer lies in the next few moments…

5th place: $5,000 – Leah Mnyika

4th place: $5,000 – Dereon Lee

3rd place: $5,000 – Pierre Stephenson

2nd place: $20,000 – Janelle Daniels

1st place: $1,000,000 – Jovanni Mayer



As May bids farewell, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our winners! Your stories inspire dreamers around the globe and showcase the boundless possibilities that await. But fear not, for the journey continues! Join us next month for another electrifying live draw on our Facebook channel. Who knows? You could be the next member of our illustrious Jumbo Winners Club or even ascend to the revered League of Millionaires!

Jumbo Ticket Live Draw Winners – May 2024

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