Celebrating Six Months of Jumbo Ticket

Jumbo Ticket is proud to be one of the top ten best international online lottery sites on this globe. Today, we are happy in celebrating our six months of Jumbo Ticket. We are overwhelmed with joy and happiness because we have turned many dreamers into winners to date just as our motto suggests. Now, let me walk you through our journey so far. 

Winners with Dream

We strive to create millions of winners across the world. Similarly, customers are our priority and we give a variety of lotteries for our clients to win different amounts of jackpots. starting from $100,000, $5, 00,000, and $1 million. Jumbo ticket is here to make our user’s dream of becoming millionaires come to reality. Are you ready?

Life-changing lottery winnings 

Jumbo Ticket has been one of the leading International online lottery sites because we provide secure and life-changing lottery winnings. It is the platform that makes anyone win millions. Our dream is to make you not only a millionaire but a multimillionaire but do you have that dream to become one? If you do, why not try your luck?

The Best Lottery Experience 

Jumbo Ticket, officially, was launched on 11th Feb 2021. We implemented exciting jackpots. With ‘Site Lock’ and ‘Trusted Site’, we encrypt the communications of our clients across the globe. When you choose Jumbo Ticket you can play a safe and certified online lottery. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer any queries you have.  

Our first live draw

Earn constantly and win hefty amounts worth millions. Our first live draw for the lottery play took place in May 2021, having 75 winners all together for a variety of jackpots like Mega, Royal, and Jumbo Jackpot.

Mega Jackpot has 20 winners. The winners from 6th to 20th receive the amount worth $100, the 3rd to 5th winners get $1000, for 2nd winner $5000, and the 1st prize winner earns an amount worth $1,00,000. The cost of the ticket to play Mega Jackpot is worth only $10.

Royal Jackpot has 25 winners. The winners from 6th to 25th earn $300, the 3rd to 5th winners get $2500, the second-place winner wins $10,000, and finally, the biggest Royal Jackpot winner takes home the amount worth $5, 00,000 surprisingly. The cost of the ticket to play this Royal Jackpot is only worth $50.

Coming to the Jumbo Jackpot winners, it has 30 winners. The 6th to 30th winners receive $500, 3rdto 5th place winners win $5,000, the second-place winner wins $20,000, and the Jumbo Jackpot winner earns a very high amount worth $1 million, making others fall in great happiness and surprise. The cost of the ticket to play Jumbo Jackpot is worth $100.

Random Number Generator

The live draw of Jackpots for our lottery takes place on a rotational basis on the 5th of every month. We use a simple method for drawing numbers. That is a Random Number Generator (RNG server). We never take any commission on the winning amount of our winners. Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Give Jesus what belongs to Jesus. Radically, we give you what belongs to you with no house edge feature. 

Refer A Friend program 

We provide the Refer A Friend program to make our customers earn more income and bring many new clients to our platform, Jumbo Ticket. Refer A Friend program works as a Jumbo Ticket user who, for the exchange of bonuses and commissions, will suggest the Jumbo Ticket to all others throughout the world, having in mind that each referral would give them 10% commissions. 

If you are a person with a dream of earning money constantly lifelong, then this lucrative program is your platform to fulfill your dream. Making use of this platform, you earn more than the Jackpots. Join it, refer many, and maximize your earnings constantly. The referral links are at the bottom of the My Network page of your dashboard, and each successful referral will provide you more income in the form of commission and bonuses for the user.

Transaction on a Crypto basis

Jumbo Ticket aims to give our clients the transaction on a crypto basis. Cryptocurrency allows for quick deposits and withdrawals. We keep you anonymous by receiving only your Crypto wallet ID. The following Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Tether TRC20, XRP, Dogecoin, Tron, Binance, and Litecoin are for the transaction.

 We had, until this month, six live draws for the lottery since May. So, by now, exclusively, we have made 450 dreamers into big winners. 

Crypto Market Randomness

Jumbo Ticket plans to initiate the Crypto Market Randomness (CMR), which will be implemented soon. It is an innovative way we plan to make a difference in the lottery world. On implementing CMR where every draw is based on the Crypto Market Exchange Values (CMEV), we create equal probabilities in winning because of the fluctuation in the value of Cryptocurrency. And so, it is very random. 

 For your better understanding of CMR, read further. There will be our six chosen cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, Tether, Ripple, and LiteCoin. The last decimal values of each of these six cryptocurrencies in the market, at a specific time, will be selected to create six digits winning ticket numbers. If those six digits token numbers that you have, match the ticket numbers shown there during the draw date, you will be announced as the winner of Jackpots. You need to buy the tokens first and play this new CMR-based online lottery which is highly unpredictable.

Jumbo Ticket: Play from anywhere 

As mentioned above, Jumbo Ticket has three jackpots with 75 winners, having a live draw on the 5th of each month. Why can’t you be one of those 75? Unlike other websites and industries, we believe in organizing the best technology with our existing trusted system to form the epitome of secure, transparent, and the gold standard of online lottery experience. You can play from anywhere and win, for winning has no limits. Come, play, and win a life-changing amount. Now, sign up on our website and get life-changing revenue. A Door of opportunity is now at your sight what you can use to become a millionaire person in the world. There is no other way than the Jumbo way to earn more and more until you get satisfied.


We give you a better online lottery experience that is reliable and transparent with 100% security always. We are happy when you become a millionaire by partaking in our lottery to win over your dreams.

To know more about Jumbo Tickets, visit our website. Now start playing and earning more and more to lead a comfortable and satisfying life.   

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