Jumbo Ticket is one of the best International online lottery platforms. Our very latest Live draw was held on the 5th of this month, coming up with a total of 75 winners selected from our three huge and exciting Jackpots.

Creating many lottery winners for prizes ranging from $100 up to $1 million with an engaging lottery draw. Start your journey by playing the online lottery with Jumbo Ticket.

You or anyone across the world can be one of our 75 guaranteed lottery winners. All you need is six matching numbers to become a Jumbo Ticket winner.

Sharon and Peter led the Jumbo Ticket Live Draw on the 5th of December. Details are given below.

MEGA JACKPOT  [$10 FOR $100 – $100,000]

Sharon and Peter, our presenters, placed themselves at the Centre of the stage to declare the winners of each jackpot. They began the program with our Mega Jackpot.

Starting with Mega Jackpot, our hosts read out the names and ticket numbers of winning places from 6th to 20th for the prize amount worth $100. The chance of winning $100k among 20 different winner places, great odds for a $10 ticket right?

It was time to announce the winners who were the third, fourth, and fifth place for the winning amount worth $1000. The lucky winners were Jan Emilian from Romania, Nipikree Nima from Thailand, and Kimchuon from Cambodia.

The second place for the mega amount of $5000 went to Malinga from Antigua and Barbuda. Fthyiguhugl, who is from Laos with ticket number 263397, seized first place among the 20 winners of Mega Jackpot to win $100,000. Make the most of the opportunity to make an easy $100k.

ROYAL JACKPOT  [$50 FOR $300 – $500,000]

Next up we had Sharon and Peter begin revealing the fifteen 6th place winners of the Royal Jackpot, each winning $300. Paul Kenneth Yap, Tuan Thanh, and Nguyen van Phong were the 3rd, 4th, and 5th place winners to each win $2,500.

Buithianh from Vietnam won $10000 as our hosts displayed his ticket number that reads 730647 in front of the camera for the second place. With ticket number 908166, Boakye Ibrahim from Ghana took home the winning amount of $500,000.

JUMBO JACKPOT  [$100 FOR $500 – $1,000,000]

Jumbo Ticket gives a chance to win one million dollars with just $100. It is the gold standard of online lottery, providing you with the best online lottery experience in the world. You have an opportunity to make your Jumbo Dreams come true with us.

It was time to go with the next draw for the lottery tickets of The Jumbo Jackpot. Our hosts and everyone was angst to know who is that lucky one to hit that opportunity of winning over $1,000,000. Starting with the winners’ list of 6th to 30th, Peter and Sharon read out their names with their ticket numbers, they each won an amount worth $500.

The third, fourth, and fifth winners were Juyugiiihuigh, Trieu dung, and Thatnakone Xayalat, taken home a prize amount of $5000. Kings Emmanuel from Nigeria picked up second place to claim the winning prize of $20000. The Jumbo winner for $1,000,000 was Angela Tangkhapanya from New Zealand, holding ticket number 927519. Congratulations to all the winners, you too can experience the joy of being a winner by joining us.

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