Jumbo Ticket Live Draw at February 5th, 2022

A dream commonly shared by all lottery players is to win a huge, life-changing lottery jackpot and be financially ready for life. Winning a lottery jackpot comes down to pure luck. There is no ideal way to envision which ticket numbers will be drawn. Additionally, each number has an equal chance of being drawn. They are very random 100%, which makes winning a lottery jackpot an exciting challenge.

The Grand Live Draw

Are you all ready now to know the winners of our three lucrative jackpots? Here we go. There was a moment of excitement when our hosts Sharon and Peter stepped on the stage. They led our recent grand live draw of this month, which took place on the 5th. As we know, the 5th of every month makes some startling changes in the lives of each lottery player. Now let’s look into what happened during our live draw and know our 75 winners from our three different jackpots in detail.   

Mega Jackpot: Winners

Peter and Sharon, our hosts, made a start to disclose the winners. Starting with the draw for the Mega Jackpot worth ranging from $100 to $100k. It has 20 winners. They began calling winners by name with the country for the places from 6th to 20th, each winning amount valued at $100. Next up, it was the time when our presenters announced the winners for 3rd to 5th places. These three places went successively to Nguyenlan from Vietnam, Corazon Juan from Hong Kong, and Shaaban Ali Alshbib from Lebanon, winning around $1000.

Nosipho Dlamini from South Africa, with ticket number 245102, was a second-place winner to take home the winning amount worth $5000. The following section of Mega Jackpot for which our participants awaited drew near. Eng Kimheang from Cambodia, holding lucky ticket number 942822, became the winner for the first place, and took home a cash prize worth $100,000. 

Royal Jackpot: Winners

There came time to declare the winners for Royal Jackpot, the second gainful jackpot Jumbo Ticket provides. It has 25 winners. Peter and Sharon started the draw for the Royal Jackpot worth ranging from $300 to $500k. They announced the winners from sixth to twenty-fifth place for the prize amount valued at $300. Leng Lath from Cambodia, Huong Nguyen from Vietnam, and Md Sana Ullah Rana from Bangladesh took third, fourth, and 5th place respectively, winning $2500. 

It was Moga Hamisi from Uganda, with having ticket number. 450035, who got second place for the winning valued at $10000. Nguyen Thanh Tuyen from Vietnam, ticket number 895735, grabbed first place, winning cash worth $500,000. 

Jumbo Jackpot: Winners

Then our hosts Sharon and Peter prepared themselves to present the names of the Jumbo Jackpot winners when all the viewers on our YouTube channel and especially our participants of Jumbo Jackpot were excited a lot about this minute. It has 30 winners, winning between $500 to $1 million.

Our presenters started the event for Jumbo Jackpot the same as the previous two jackpots. Say, they began the first section for the winners of 6th to 30th places, each carrying home $500. The third, fourth, and fifth places for $5000 went to Moroof Abdullahi Agboola from Nigeria, Kim Jeong hui from South Korea, and Kyaw Htet Aung from Myanmar.

Holding ticket number 128510, Le Thi Kim Chau from Vietnam won $20000 as a second-place winner. Then, there was great excitement to know the lucky millionaire of this month. The moment gave goosebumps to everyone as Sharon and Peter, with great enthusiasm, revealed the name of this month’s millionaire. 

Oghenesume D Umugbe from the US, holding ticket number 858440, snatched first place to win over $1 million to become a millionaire.


Anyone from any place can participate with Jumbo Ticket. You can stand your chance of winning a thousand to a million dollars when you buy more tickets online and play regularly with us. You can be one of our seventy-five winners. No one can stop anyone from becoming a millionaire but only you. Do not let your time pass away. Make use to place the winning possibility at your side. Visit our website now if you need more information about Jumbo Ticket. Best of Luck. 

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