Why Crypto Lotteries Popular Among Many Across The World
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Some people are reticent about the popularization of crypto lotteries. They claim that these games will allow you to earn extra income and replace traditional government lotteries. Lotteries have always been thought of as a good way to make quick money. People who do not choose otherwise or have the courage to risk their funds […]

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People who are poor and in need can be found anywhere. These are people who have minimal access to the basic necessities of living. Jumbo Ticket is one of the most popular online lottery platforms. It offers people the chance to improve their standard of living. Jumbo Ticket strives to help the community by providing […]

Biggest unclaimed lottery winnings: Unlucky even though lucky
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Many around the world became unlucky even though they were lucky because of their biggest unclaimed winnings at the nick of time due to the lost tickets, unavailable funds in their wallet, or unawareness. Every individual lottery player used to think that having the winning lottery numbers come up could take them to the next […]

More than just a lottery
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Are you looking for other exclusive programs to make more money than just winning jackpots? Worry not. Jumbo Ticket has got you covered. Jumbo Ticket is an online lottery that aims to offer you multiple chances to hit its jackpots with the minimum ticket cost, from $10 to win around $100 to $1,000,000. It has […]

Jumbo Ticket Live Draw As It Happened - April 5th, 2022
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The day is an auspicious one as Jumbo Ticket completes 12 live draws, yes we’ve been around for a whole year now. Spreading joy and good fortune to our valuable members as we do every month, this month’s live draw was no different. Let’s take a look at the 75 overall and the lucky few […]

Celebrating One Year of Jumbo Ticket
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Jumbo Ticket is an international crypto-based online lottery platform that is revolutionizing the online lottery industry and offers the participants to play three of the most enticing and life-changing Jackpots to win up to $1 million from all around the world. It is the gold standard of the best crypto online lottery. When you choose […]

Here are the best strategies when playing the online lottery
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There’s no way to know which numbers will win the lotto. Because the drawings are completely random, the best thing you can do as a player in a big win is to choose uncommon numbers so you don’t have to share the prize with anyone else. Here are some of the best strategies to follow […]

Points to know about online lottery
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Fortune! Fame! Paying off your heavy debts! Vacation in LA! Winning an online lottery can change people’s lives in a single night. From choosing the right numbers to accepting winning a million-dollar check, things can get crazy, and it may seem too good to be true. In some countries, anybody and everybody can bid in […]

Do's and don'ts of playing lottery
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Do you know what they say when the odds of something happening are extremely low? ‘It’s like you won a lottery!’ They also say it’s more likely for a person to be struck by lightning than win a lottery. But then several legit people claim to have won the lottery not once, not twice but […]

Becoming A Jumbo Ticket Franchisee
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There’s only one word that comes to your mind when you think about Jumbo Ticket. Customer-Centric. Apart from being a lottery platform with exciting jackpots, the Refer-A-Friend program gives users one other way to earn a few extra bucks. Jumbo Ticket has provided its users with an opportunity from another such initiative. Here’s all you […]

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When lottery players go to the internet, they can find a lot of information about what they want to know because nowadays it is full of lottery tips and tricks. They help players maximize their chances of becoming a millionaire and even multi-millionaire.  Everyone enters the online lottery with the hope of winning massive bucks. […]

It's Secure to Play Online Lotto With Jumbo Ticket 
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Are you enjoying playing a lottery online but feeling dissatisfied sometimes about choosing the best online lottery site? Now you are unquestionably at the right place. Jumbo Ticket is a reliable and reputable online lottery site to play online lotto securely. We are certified by ‘SiteLock’ and ‘TrustedSite’ that encrypts communications. You will reap the […]

All need to know Crypto Lottery
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Today, cryptocurrency has become a global phenomenon known to most people. Many online lotteries use bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for people playing an online crypto lottery to benefit from their winnings returned in cryptocurrency. According to recent cryptocurrency studies, crypto lotteries are relatively more profitable than investing in other assets and expecting returns. The […]

Jumbo Ticket Live Draw at February 5th, 2022
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A dream commonly shared by all lottery players is to win a huge, life-changing lottery jackpot and be financially ready for life. Winning a lottery jackpot comes down to pure luck. There is no ideal way to envision which ticket numbers will be drawn. Additionally, each number has an equal chance of being drawn. They […]

Make Your Dreams come true join jumbo Ticket
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Are you fascinated by the world of lottery games? Are you a traditional lottery player and tired of playing the lottery now? If it is so, you are missing out on winning big jackpots and becoming a millionaire from the comfort of your home. The advantages of online lottery games are evident to everyone who […]

Celebrating Six Months of Jumbo Ticket
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Jumbo Ticket is proud to be one of the top ten best international online lottery sites on this globe. Today, we are happy in celebrating our six months of Jumbo Ticket. We are overwhelmed with joy and happiness because we have turned many dreamers into winners to date just as our motto suggests. Now, let […]