Five lottery winnings that are motivating

Good or evil, raising or falling, winning or losing, yes or no, “yin and yang” is how the world is coded. All of us want to be on the winning side of the world and some people are either gifted or are lucky. Winning a lottery can need a great strategy or major luck. Here are different inspirational stories of lucky and generous winners:

Is it luck or science?

To win a lottery can be hard for many of us as the probability of a single human winning a lottery is one out of 14 million people and to have this chance. one needs sheer luck or pure genius. Some people have been able to win the lottery more than thrice and this isn’t a normal mathematical occurrence. Joan Ginther winning four lotteries and Richard Lustig winning seven lotteries majorly influence the contradiction between luck and science.

The mystery fortune of the fortune cookies

Imagine not 1 or 2 lottery winners in a region but 110 winners. This coincidence happened in 2005 when a fortune cookies company was able to print 5 of the winning Powerball numbers and this caused a lot of controversies and speculations in the region. Was it luck, a mistake, or a planned event? That is a question for another day.

Big winning, Big heart

Most people try to win lotteries to deal with their financial issues while others win and try to make the world a better place. Pearl Mae Smith was able to win a 429 million lottery and was able to distribute some amount to her family members and was also able to make the Smith family foundation. Les Robin, a school teacher, also a lucky winner (won 111 million) was able to buy 226 acres of land that he used to build a camp for kids to have fun in. These are just a few people who won big and gave out a lot too to society.

Dreams come true

Dreaming big can lead to winning big. Cynthia P Stafford was going through a difficult phase of her life as she just lost his brother who left behind five children who she took in together with her father. Bills piled up due to taking care of her father and brother’s children. She also believed the law of attraction was true and kept on dreaming that this financial crisis will be solved by winning the lottery. Setting her mind on a 112-million-dollar lottery, that she won, she used to visualize how she would spend the money.

Keeping the fire burning

People have personal projects that sometimes can face difficulties. Neal Walness was a 23-year-old boy who had his ranch in South Dakota that was going down the drain as taxes piled up. He sought a way to keep his ranch going on. Neal bought a 5-dollar lottery ticket without vision and used family members’ birthdays and was able to win 88million dollars that he used to pay the taxes and also do some fixing on the ranch.

All in all, winning is always good but making a change in someone’s or ones’ life makes winning so much better. The few individuals above are just some examples who won the lottery, fixed their problems, and also won people’s hearts. Always dream big and you’ll attract the best for yourself.

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