People who are poor and in need can be found anywhere. These are people who have minimal access to the basic necessities of living. Jumbo Ticket is one of the most popular online lottery platforms. It offers people the chance to improve their standard of living. Jumbo Ticket strives to help the community by providing its customers with amazing jackpots and other perks. This includes our Jumbo Ticket Trust program, which aims to provide a brighter future for everyone all across the world.

Our first campaign in collaboration with our Non-Governmental Organization partners, Develop Africa. Based in Sierra Leone, focused efforts on improving the lives of young boys and girls who do not have access to better schooling or a better quality of life. Our campaign activity required that we make a positive difference in the lives of students at a school in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Develop Africa, in collaboration with Jumbo Ticket, provided school supplies and mosquito nets to the children to protect them from malaria.

By allocating tickets to citizens, the government designed the lottery system to raise money. Each game had a winner, who received a prize, which was usually money. A portion of the proceeds supported government programs. Private lotteries have allowed the sector to reach a wider audience by partnering with non-profit or non-government organizations, all of which are for worthy causes.

Jumbo Ticket Trust Campaign

Each purchase of a ticket contributes $1 to the campaign. Every member contributes by buying the tickets, whether it’s for the Mega, Royal, or Jumbo jackpots as part of the Jumbo Ticket Trust campaign.

For instance, we recently collaborated with Serendipity Healthcare Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 2003. They are based in Kano, Nigeria, with affiliates in Abuja and Niger States. They fight poverty by providing access to safe drinking water, basic sanitation, hygiene, and education through a variety of programs.

Our most recent corporate social responsibility campaign engagement saw us making a difference in the lives of Kano’s orphaned youngsters. JUMBO TICKET in association with Serendipity Healthcare Foundation, provided food packages, such as containers of spaghetti, liters of groundnut oil, salt, and sugar.


Our users have shown interest in the initiative; without them, it would not have been feasible. Our ambition is to reach out to more individuals, increase our level of participation, and consequently, establish or work on future projects like this one.

Just as Jumbo Ticket intends to carry on with this responsibility in order to make a significant contribution to social issues whenever and wherever possible. Serendipity Healthcare Foundation was grateful for the effort and responded with a thank you article on their website. In the same vein, they published images holding a banner that read, ‘Thank You!! Jumbo Ticket.’ Visit the JTT campaign’s official website or social media platform to stay up to date. To participate in the initiative, create an account on Jumbo Ticket and begin purchasing tickets. Make big plans! Win a Lottery!

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