Jumbo Ticket’s Refer A Friend Program

It is time to explore the world of opportunity where you can make more money than expected. Earning more money every day in life is the dream of many of us. It is a human tendency. Our choices of how to make money may differ, but the desire to earn a stable income lasts until the end of time. Right? Jumbo Ticket has got you covered. It provides the Refer A Friend program. The benefit of joining this exclusive program is that you can earn a constant income rather than hoping to win the jackpots. 

What is the Jumbo Ticket Refer A Friend program?

Jumbo Ticket offers three exclusive jackpots to help our users achieve their dreams of winning thousands to a million dollars. Refer-A-Friend gives our affiliates the opportunity to use the marketing tools and services provided on the dashboard to promote us to their friends, family, relatives, neighbors, and even strangers. For each referral they make with the unique referral link, the referrer or affiliate member will receive a 10% commission. They can do as many referrals as they want to earn more revenue than hitting our jackpots. 

In general, the Jumbo Ticket Refer A Friend program is an approach through which our members refer others to earn a commission for marketing or promoting our products. This is done on their network. Say, they can assist us by promoting our tools through their blog posts, social media channels, podcasts, or webinars. In that case, their commission will be credited to their “I” wallet on the Jumbo Ticket dashboard. 

Lucrative program

If you are a person expecting to earn a second source of income, become a partner with Jumbo Ticket by joining our Refer A Friend program online. With three simple steps, you can join this lucrative program and maximize your earnings just by referring friends, without having to interrupt your current business or job. The three simple steps to increase your income using our marketing plans and tools are,

  1. Open an account with us
  2. Start referring your friends, family, and anyone
  3. And earn a beneficial commission of up to 10%

Why are you waiting? Get started on referring for a steady income. And, If you are ready to be part of our lottery excitement, join our Refer A Friend program and enjoy the experience of your journey as an affiliate by marketing the collaterals provided on our website.

How you can register and earn

The Jumbo Ticket Refer A Friend program provides an uplifting opportunity. You can register with our Refer A Friend program by clicking the “Refer A Friend” option on our official website. When you join us as an affiliate, you will have access to our affiliate network site where you can find our material tools to promote. By displaying your content to someone who signs up for the respective opportunity, you will earn commissions or bonuses of up to 10%. Simply investing your time in it will earn you a steady income through referrals. We reward our affiliate members or referrers with bonuses and commissions for each referral they make.

Work from home

As Jumbo Ticket is an online lottery, you can register with us and purchase tickets online to play the lottery jackpots you prefer from anywhere online. Likewise, If you are a person who does not want to go to the office for work to earn money, our Refer A Friend program will give you a hand to earn more money you want regularly online. You can join us from the comfort of your home online without hurting you in any way possible.


Jumbo Ticket is a revolution in the online lottery industry. It strives to meet the demands of our users by providing the finest online lottery experience. You can maximize your profits with us through lucrative ways like playing our three unique jackpots to win from $100 to $1,000,000, joining our Refer A Friend program to get a 10% commission, becoming A Franchisee to get an assured bonus of $50 to $100, and finally, you can earn a referral bonus starting from $500 by referring a franchisee. What are you waiting for? Join us to lead the life of your choice.  

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