This World Chess Day, Make Your Move With The Jumbo Ticket Lottery.

In life, as in chess, forethought wins.” – Charles Buxton. Life imitates art, but should it instead be a well-renowned game? Modern-day chess is a game as old as the lottery itself, but its origins date back to the 5th century. The values of the game transcend beyond itself. Now it’s time to make your move with the Jumbo Ticket lottery; rest assured, it is a smart one.

Chess is a game of intellect, no doubt. Making a habit out of a game such as this has its benefits. Playing a game of chess improves your brain’s activity and improves your memory as well as cognitive abilities. It is proven to increase your focus and strategic thinking.

Can strategies win you a lottery?

Over the years, many have tried to crack the secret to winning the lottery. Most failed, but a handful succeeded some even multiple times! Richard Lustig is a familiar name in the lottery industry, and he’s won it an insane seven times. Want to know his secret? Richard is now a lottery advisor who breaks down his strategies for the common folk while also having written a book on the matter.

Why Jumbo Ticket?

In chess, it’s ideal to be two steps, maybe three ahead, to win. That’s what Jumbo Ticket offers to people. An online lottery site designed for everyone and possibly your first step into the crypto world! Being part of the Jumbo Ticket lottery gives you an upper hand with our three exciting jackpots.


The mega, royal, and jumbo jackpots are the ‘en passant, the first strike. Tickets start as low as ten US dollars, with the jumbo tier winning prize being one million dollars! Each has 15 or more winners, so your chances of winning are unparalleled! We curated these jackpots with you, the community, in mind. Jumbo Ticket Makes sure that it is affordable and accessible to each one of our members.

More Than A Lottery

Jumbo Ticket is more than just a lottery to its members. In that, we provide other opportunities to help you. Such as the referral and the franchise programs, which you can make use of just by signing up! Now you can also earn regular income if you choose if you move spaces to the left or right. Castling with our lucrative programs provides our members a flow of continual income generation. The growth of your participation is directly related to the increase in your rewards!


Choosing an online lottery site to participate in can be difficult these days, much like a chess game with the grandmasters. One wrong decision could cost you a lot, which is why our members chose us. Join us to be part of the best online lottery in years. Visit the official website for more details. You have to dream big to win big!

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This World Chess Day, Make Your Move With The Jumbo Ticket Lottery.

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