How would you spend $1 million if you won it? That is, of course, up to you. Do anything and everything you wish to make yourself live a luxurious life.

Jumbo Ticket, where anyone can win $1 million with just $100 if they play the lotto online. Jumbo Ticket announces not 10, not 50, but 75 winners each month on the 5th, on the live draw. Each month, a person wins $1 million, participating in the Jumbo Jackpot. Our article discusses what you can purchase with $1 million after the lottery win. 

A Private Island

People of wealth and fame consider a private island the ultimate world to live in this universe. More than just a house or estate, it’s an experience. Imagine your mini-universe, where you can enjoy any activity you want. But owning an island is not cheap. Prices may vary according to size and location, but $1,000,000 can make you own a private island in French Polynesia, Australia, the Bahamas, or the Philippines. Are you excited to buy a private island? All you need to do is buy tickets and play. You can be a millionaire soon to enjoy your very own private world.

Luxury Sports Car

There are numerous things in this world you can buy with a million dollars. Real estate and cars are the most common things that most people would spend this money on because they give us a feeling of security and demonstrate our status. Sports cars determine our social position. You can surely buy a luxury sports car after winning our $1,000,000 Jumbo jackpot.

A Luxury Trip Around the World

Who doesn’t like to travel? Let alone travel to never-before-visited places around the world? Everyone loves to travel. Imagine you have a million dollars, you can go on a luxury trip around the world. You can stay in luxury hotels and resorts and eat as many expensive meals as you dream. The whole world welcomes you to enjoy its beauty. You can take your family, friends, or anyone you want as you choose to have a luxury trip worldwide. It’s possible when you have a million dollars. To win a million dollars, play the lottery online with us.


The value of a million dollars varies according to each individual’s status in life. $1 million is small for some but a massive amount for others. $1 million today is similar to $1000 in the early 1920s. In those times, it was hard to make $1000, but making $1000 is much easier than making $1 million is quite challenging today. 

Jumbo Ticket makes it easy to win even $1 million. Winning a million dollars with Jumbo Ticket is like buying and doing anything you dream of in life. One of the 75 winners becomes a millionaire. This time why don’t you try your luck with us to win $1,000,000 and buy and enjoy everything you need in the world? Visit our website, buy tickets and start participating in the lottery to win $1 million.

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