5 Reasons You Must Consider Anonymous After Winning a Lottery

Winning a lottery is something that everyone ardently dreams of. And why wouldn’t you? Winning a lottery or hitting a million-dollar jackpot has a microscopically small probability. But what if you find this wildest dream to come true one day? Imagine being rich suddenly overnight. It will be a life-changing moment. But sadly, that also comes with a lot of repercussions. Think of all the attention it will receive for the wrong reasons or the security issues you’re going to face.

Here are the five brilliant reasons to stay anonymous after winning a lottery

  • There will be requests for favors.
  • Those around you are going to judge you.
  • There will be security issues.
  • You will put your family to risk.
  • You will feel the effects on your personal life.

1. There will be requests for favors

Whether it’s your irritating nosy neighbors, your distant relatives that you didn’t know of till now, or your so-called friends, everyone will ask you for some favor or the other. And lots of them! It may even be requested that you lend them some money or provide them with extravagant gifts. You might have made some plans to use the money judiciously after hitting the jackpot. An anonymous person’s money ends up disappearing after their anonymity is gone. You will also receive lots of bothersome calls and emails from random strangers asking you to pay for their expenses. So to avoid uncomfortable and embarrassing situations when you will have to say no to such people, it’s best to stay anonymous.

2. You will be judged by society

The moment your picture is printed in the newspaper or telecasted on some local news channels about your big win, lots of societies and organizations are going to come knocking at your door. People will build pressure on you to donate some of your money to charity or for the development of their organization. Or lawsuits might try extracting money from you on the pretext of your past debts. If you don’t fall into their demands, you will be judged and tagged by society as unkind, greedy, selfish, and unethical. In such cases, it is wise not to reveal your identity while claiming your prize.

3. There will be security issues

The moment you are rich, you will be having difficulty sleeping at night. Reason – security concerns related to your prize money. You can lose it all in a second if everyone knows about your secret win. This can happen by falling in for various scams that promise to double the amount of your prize money but empty your pockets in reality. Or there might be burglars trying to get into your house for a quick theft and running away with something you got lucky with only once. Chances are also there that your relatives and friends lure you into falling into some scam to extract money from you. Thus, it is best advised to keep away your secret win from everyone.

4. You will put your family at risk

If you think winning a lottery is the luckiest thing in the world, then you might be wrong. Not only will there be your security concern, but also your family’s. As much as you’re going to be troubled by random strangers and close acquaintances for favors, then so is your family. People are going to gossip about you and your family and you’re going to be the talk of the town. And there might also be security concerns such as threats, kidnappings, and blackmailing. So removing your anonymity might unveil your loved one’s privacy as well and for the wrong reasons.

5. Your personal life will be affected

Sure, revealing your jackpot win to acquaintances might be a bad idea, but what about your close loved ones? There have been cases in the past, where family relationships have been compromised and ruined because of the controversy of sharing the prize money. There have also been cases where the family members have revealed the lottery winner’s secret lucky win to others. The result has been emotionally charged accusations, arguments, and exchanges. It has also resulted in jealousy and hatred creeping among the closest people. The roller coaster ride can be daunting to some. It would cause unnecessary stress and hardships and can even ruin the strongest of bonds. So, it’s a good idea to keep your little secret to yourself and make plans carefully.

The Final Word

Winning a lottery can be a source of your few minutes to fame, but it can also cause a lot of unprecedented hardships. Speaking of which, some countries like the US, UK, Australia, and China have allowed individuals to keep their identities private. It is often said ‘precaution is better than cure. So if you have won a lottery or might hit the jackpot in the future, it is advisable to be cautious and stay anonymous while accepting your prize money.

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