Give your loved ones the gift of Jumbo Ticket

It’s Christmas time, the time to spend with family, giving and receiving gifts, caroling, and eggnog. The most celebrated holiday in the world every year is nothing without the tradition that comes along with it. Every year it’s the same and it’s fun, you seldom get tired of it. On the contrary, the holidays are what most people look forward to. But this year you can top it by doing something different, maybe even adding to the tradition. How? It’s as simple as giving your loved ones the gift of a Jumbo Ticket. 

The tradition of giving

For those who are familiar, the practice of giving gifts stems from the three kings who traveled with a gift for the newborn baby Jesus. That gesture would bring joy to the people you love and care about. It’s a way of letting people know you’re glad to have them around. Most people of the Christian faith practice giving outside their own circles as well. It doesn’t limit it to just family members as Christmas is all about spreading joy to everyone. Many go around distributing gifts to less fortunate people like donating toys to a children’s shelter or feeding the hungry and homeless.

Why should you gift a Jumbo Ticket?

Gifting a lottery ticket isn’t considered much but it makes a great add-on to another gift? I suppose so. A gift of a lottery ticket means you wish the people good fortune and a prosperous future. It can also signify that you want the people to win and maybe even you could be entitled to part of the winning? Jokes aside. Although a lottery ticket isn’t the best gift, it definitely is a thoughtful one.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Jumbo Ticket, here are three quite amazing jackpots to choose from. This can be biased as to how much you cherish the person. That doesn’t have to be the case, it’s only an intrusive thought that comes to people’s minds. As for the jackpots, the tickets are in three tiers and priced at $10, $50, and $100 respectively.

The prizes also vary and each tier has over 15 winners so it gives the ticket holder a good chance at winning. Here are the prizes as follows: 


The Mega Jackpot winner prize is $100,000.

Second place wins $5,000.

third, fourth and fifth place win each $1,000.

The sixth place has 20 winners each winning $100.


The Royal Jackpot winner prize is $500,000.

Second place wins $10,000.

third, fourth and fifth place win each $2,500.

The sixth place has 15 winners each winning $300.


The Jumbo Jackpot winner prize is $1,000,000.

Second place wins $20,000.

third, fourth and fifth place win each $5,000.

The sixth place has 25 winners each winning $500.


Not bad right?

The Christmas Spirit

When you gift a Jumbo Ticket you’re doing more than just buying a lottery ticket. You’re making a difference in people’s lives as well. As you know, a percentage of every ticket bought goes to the Jumbo Ticket Trust. Which donates the collection to a charitable purpose. So gift or not, you are in the spirit of Christmas just by buying a ticket.

You can visit the Jumbo Ticket Trust website to see more about our program, and the activities we’ve completed previously. Get in the Christmas spirit and help someone through Jumbo Ticket today.


The Jumbo Ticket is a gift that keeps giving because you can use the Jumbo Ticket and win a great prize. With the Jumbo Ticket, you can win a bigger prize than you normally would. So this Holiday season, give some the gift of a chance, a chance to make it big. A chance to make the dreams of your loved ones come true. Buy a Jumbo Ticket for a loved one or yourself. Dream Big Win Big!

Give your loved ones the gift of Jumbo Ticket.

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