Here's what makes Jumbo Ticket unique compared to other lottery platforms

The world is evolving towards being completely dependent on technological innovations, like all industries, the lottery industry too has migrated by having a reputable presence online. There are many examples, one such is our own The Jumbo Ticket online lottery platform. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Jumbo Ticket an unique online lottery site.

Jumbo Ticket is an online lottery site, designed for users by addressing the issues they usually face while participating in say the traditional or the other online lotteries. We at Jumbo Ticket strive to make this a virtuous experience for each and every one of our members which they so rightly deserve.

Jackpots for everyone

The Jumbo Ticket Jackpots are of three different kinds, in order to make it affordable for anyone to participate. Starting at $10, $50 and $100, each of the three jackpots guarantee the risk to reward odds in the users favour.

Exciting winnings and prizes

The Jumbo Ticket Jackpots offer prizes ranging from $100 to a Million dollars. Users can choose which of the three jackpots to participate in, the Mega Jackpot is at $100,000, Royal Jackpot is at $500,000  and the Jumbo Jackpot is $1 million.

Better odds of winning

Members who participate are given better chances of winning. The fact that each jackpot has multiple numbers of winners, 20, 25, and 30 winners from the Mega, Royal and Jumbo Jackpots respectively, means the chances of you taking home at least one of these prizes is assured.

Zero House Commission

What makes Jumbo Ticket one of the leading online lotteries is that, all your winning are yours to keep with no hidden charges or deductible commissions.

Cryptocurrency Ready

Every deposit and withdrawal transaction uses cryptocurrency as a monetary medium. Even your winnings are in crypto, meaning the transparency that it provides along with speedy transactions is what users have been missing in traditional lotteries.

Safety and Privacy

The use of cryptocurrency is only a bonus, the jumbo Ticket official website is certified by the best security parameters available online. Each member’s privacy and security of information is our top most priority.

The Bigger Picture

Jumbo Ticket is an initiative to give back to the community, and we do so with your help. How exactly do you ask? All you have to do is purchase a Jumbo Ticket  in which $1 is donated to our partner NGOs, where the funding is used for a greater cause which you’re a part of.


Visit the Jumbo Ticket website to read more about our CSR campaigns, or about how the lottery works. We host a live draw on the official Youtube channel on the 5th of every month, you could be the winner of the next, what’s better than starting the new year with a win?

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to turn your life around. Participate in the jumbo ticket lottery and achieve your biggest goals. Get a chance to be a millionaire overnight….. And remember Dream Big, Win Big!

Here’s What Makes Jumbo Ticket a Unique Online Lottery Site

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