Hitting the jackpots is a life-changing experience and a dream for every lottery player. Did you know? Jumbo Ticket ascertains it by making its players’ dreams come true every month, on our live draw. Anyone anywhere in the world can play to win the jackpots worth $100k to $1 Million with us. If you’re serious enough to maximize your opportunities to win one of our jackpots, all you have to do is make sure you’re participating regularly every month. 

The Live Draw

We all tend to have our favorite day of the month. And, of course, our Jumbo Ticket users’ favorite day is the 5th of every month, and you know the reason.

Jumbo Ticket organizes its monthly live draw on the 5th, led by our hosts, Sharon and Peter. We hope you are mindful that we held our most recent live draw on June 5th. Have you missed out on watching it? Are you now on a quest to know what happened on that day? Don’t worry. Here is the live draw event as it happened. Read on and look at our 75 big winners of this month who won prizes ranging from $100 to $1,000,000. Let’s now leap into it.

Mega Jackpot

Our ecstatic presenters of the live draw program, Peter and Sharon, appeared on the dais. They began the event by greeting everyone who participated in the live draw. And, as usual, they went on with announcing the 20 winners of our Mega jackpot, the lower-tier jackpot Jumbo Ticket offers. The ticket cost is just $10 to win the prizes of about $100 to $100,000 Mega jackpot. The twenty winners won the winning amounts that usually vary depending on the different places they were. 

Our hosts began to announce the winners of 6th to 20th, the fifteen winners, one after another. Each of them won $100. The payout of $1000 went to third, fourth, and fifth place winners. They are James Ramirez, Patrick Ryan, and Denise Carpenter. The second-place winner, namely Ronald Kelley from Singapore, got lucky to win the amount worth $5000. 

All it takes is six matching numbers to win big. It was the moment when our hosts read the six digits ticket number ‘382610’ to announce that It won $100,000. The holder of this ticket was Curtis Ray from Sierra Leone. Yes, he was our Mega Jackpot winner from a recent live draw to win this massive amount worth $100,000. 

Royal Jackpot

It was then the time to declare the 25 winners’ names of the Royal jackpot. The ticket cost is just $50 to win the prizes of about $300 to $500,000 Royal jackpot. 

They began this draw to announce the winners from sixth to twenty-fifth places who won $300 each. Third, fourth, and fifth places for the winning worth $2500 went to Alexander Griffith, Darryl Shaw, and Rachel Branch. Alison Williams from Angola, the holder of ticket no- 463018, grabbed $10,000 as he was a second-place winner of the Royal Jackpot.

It was Penny Benjamin from Algeria who won the prize of $500,000. 

Jumbo Jackpot

You can become a millionaire only if you play the lottery.

Time to the next draw, Jumbo Jackpot. The ticket cost is just $100 to win the prizes of about $500 to $1,000,000 Royal jackpot. Our presenters then began naming out the winners for sixth to thirtieth places for the winning amount worth $500. There were about 25 winners to win $500. John Goodman, Gail Brown, and Eileen Miller were 3rd, 4th, and 5th place winners, each winning $5000. John Boyd from Indonesia won $20,000 as the second-place winner.

$ 1,000,000- YES 1 million dollars, went to James Thompson from the Netherlands with ticket no- 235616. He is now a millionaire. Not only did he become a millionaire, but 13 more others have already become millionaires, playing the lottery online with Jumbo Ticket.


Jumbo Ticket conducts its live draw each month on the 5th, without fail and delay. You can stay tuned to watch the whole event on our official Facebook page. We strive to implement the highest level of security and integrity to ensure smooth entry and a fair lottery drawing process. There are seventy-five winners to win $100 to $1 million, depending on the jackpots. When you start playing the lottery regularly with us, you can be the next big winner to win big winnings in cryptocurrency.

We hope you can be the next millionaire. All you need to do is visit our website to register and play.


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