Jumbo Ticket Live Draw - July 5th, As It Happened

It’s no secret that our members are in a good mood when the fifth day of the month comes around. It’s the day of the Jumbo Ticket live draw, full of possibilities and ‘what if’s’. Keeping to our promise, as usual, we bring you the live draw for July. Well, this is in case you missed the streaming of the live draw. So in this article, we bring you up to speed with the events that transpired during the live draw with a new entry in the ‘As It Happened’ series.


Live Draw

On the fifth of every month, Jumbo Ticket brings our users together to unveil the month’s lucky winners. It is a moment of excitement and curious anxiety. Our gracious hosts Lisa and Peter take us through the draw with zeal, declaring the winners for the evening. It’s a celebration, as 75 lucky people end the day as winners and one winner becomes a millionaire. Without further ado, let’s begin with the first set of winners.


Mega Jackpot 

Imagine the excitement building up as Lisa and Peter take the stage to reveal the highly anticipated Mega Jackpot winners of the Jumbo Ticket lottery. The air is thick with anticipation as they announce the remarkable prizes that await the lucky participants. From a pool of fifteen winners, each receiving $100, the excitement starts to fill the room. The atmosphere is electric as the winners step forward, their smiles reflecting the joy of their unexpected windfalls. But that’s just the beginning.


The winners

5th place winner of $1,000 – Adam Mayo

4th place winner of $1,000 – Michele Hood

3rd place winner of $1,000 – John Mcmillan

2nd place winner of $5,000 – Mary Stewart

1st place winner of $100,000 – Kelly Smith


Royal Jackpot

As the Live Draw continues, the spotlight shines on the Royal Jackpot winners, twenty individuals who each secured a $300 prize. The room erupts with cheers and applause as their names are called out, their dreams coming true at that very moment. The grand prize winner takes home $500,000. It’s a moment of pure triumph and excitement, with stories of sheer determination and luck creating unforgettable memories for the winners.


The winners

5th place winner of $2,500 – Michael Smith

4th place winner of $2,500- Mark Wright

3rd place winner of $2,500 – Shirley Braun

2nd place winner of $10,000 – Danny Manning

1st place winner of $500,000 – Jefferey Morphy


Jumbo Jackpot 

And finally, the climax arrives as the Jumbo Jackpot winners are announced. The crowd holds its breath as twenty-five lucky individuals claim their $500 prizes, followed by the top contenders who secure $5,000 each. The room buzzes with energy, but all eyes are on the runner-up, walking away with an impressive $20,000. And then, in a moment that will be forever etched in Jumbo Ticket history, the million-dollar Jumbo Jackpot winner is revealed. The crowd erupts into a frenzy of cheers, and applause as the newly-minted millionaire steps forward, their lives forever changed by this extraordinary stroke of luck.


The winners

5th place winner of $5,000 – Stacy West

4th place winner of $5,000 – Lori Anderson

3rd place winner of $5,000 – Kristine Gutierrez

2nd place winner of $20,000 – Emma White

1st place winner of $1,000,000 – Mark Hines


Bottom line

These are the moments that define the Jumbo Ticket experience—moments of anticipation, joy, and life-changing prizes. From the initial $100 winners to the grand jackpot of $1,000,000, the Jumbo Ticket lottery has created a community of winners. Each winner has their own triumph story. Will you be the next lucky winner to experience the exhilaration and thrill of the Jumbo Ticket? Don’t miss your chance to be part of this incredible journey.

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