Live Draw June 6th - As It Happened

It was an exciting and suspenseful experience to be part of the Live Draw held on June 6th, 2023. Jumbo Ticket presented a captivating event showcasing the announcement of the month’s lucky winners. Read on as we bring you the thrilling details of the Mega, Royal, and Jumbo Jackpot prizes in our exclusive As It Happens series. Join the excitement, register today, and discover how to join the prestigious Jumbo winners club.

Mega Jackpot Winners

Experience the anticipation and joy as Lisa and Peter reveal the Mega Jackpot winners. Learn about the multiple winners and the incredible prizes they won. From the initial fifteen winners receiving $100 each to the grand jackpot of $100,000, we celebrate the remarkable moments that define the Jumbo Ticket experience. The top five winners are as follows:

  • 5th place winner of $1,000 – Brandon Nguyen
  • 4th place winner of $1,000 – Bonnie Mcdonald
  • 3rd place winner of $1,000 – Eric Collins
  • 2nd place winner of $5,000 – Tiffany Williamson
  • 1st place winner of $100,000 – Allison Mcdonald

Royal Jackpot Winners

Discover the next level of prizes with the Royal Jackpot winners. From the twenty lucky participants winning $300 each to the grand prize of $500,000, we highlight the stories of triumph and excitement that unfolded during the Live Draw. Experience the joy of those who seized the opportunity and emerged victorious. Here are the top-place winners:

  • 5th place winner of $2,500 – Tammy Johnson
  • 4th place winner of $2,500- Christopher Moyer
  • 3rd place winner of $2,500 – Michael Rodriguez
  • 2nd place winner of $10,000 – Kristi Krause
  • 1st place winner of $500,000 – Robert Boyle

Jumbo Jackpot Winners

The climax of the Live Draw unveils the Jumbo Jackpot winners. Celebrate the success of twenty-five individuals winning $500 each and the top contenders securing $5,000 prizes. Witness the thrill as the runner-up claims $20,000, leading up to the most anticipated moment —the announcement of the million-dollar Jumbo Jackpot winner. The winners and our new millionaire are mentioned below:

  • 5th place winner of $5,000 – Stanley Wilson
  • 4th place winner of $5,000 – Crystal Vaughan
  • 3rd place winner of $5,000 – Sarah Moreno
  • 2nd place winner of $20,000 – George Collins
  • 1st place winner of $1,000,000 – Shirley Webster


Congratulations to all the winners of the Live Draw held on June 6th. Stay tuned for future draws broadcast live on our Facebook channel. Your chance to join the Jumbo winners club or become a millionaire is closer than ever. Register today and experience the excitement of the Jumbo Ticket online crypto lottery. Dream big, win big!

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