Jumbo Ticket Live Draw March 5th - As It Happened

It’s a promising day as the Jumbo Ticket live draw is back. We have been sharing joy and happiness with our esteemed members every month for almost two years now, and this month’s live draw story was no different. Let’s take a look at the 75 entries and some lucky ones who won big cash prizes. Here’s the live draw as it happened.

Live Draw 

Jumbo Ticket does a live draw on the 5th of every month hosted by the charismatic Lisa and Peter. Keep us glued to our screens as they go about announcing all the winners.

To prepare for future customers, viewers are given an idea of how Jumbo Ticket works for regular customers and new ones alike.

The lottery has multiple winners, giving each participant a better probability or chance of winning. We believe in giving back more than anything else, so we make sure that you, our members, get a fair chance and are provided with our finest services. Without further ado, let’s dive into the winners. 


Mega Jackpot Winners 

Lisa and Peter get the crowd excited by announcing the Mega Jackpot winners. In turns, they count fifteen winners from the 6th to the 20th, each winning $100.

As third, fourth, and fifth place winners, Jonathan Mejia, Cristopher Poole, and Amber Mcfarland each won $1,000. The runner-up, taking home $5,000, is Michael Padilla from Burundi. This month’s Mega Jackpot winner is David Martin, who will receive a $100,000 jackpot prize. 


 Royal Jackpot Winners 

 Next, the presenter told the audience about the prizes for the second level jackpot, the Royal Jackpot. Again, they took turns reading the information about the winners from the 6th to the 25th. Twenty winners took home $300 each. Third, fourth, and fifth-place winners Beth Bennett, Michael Scott MD, and Michael Williams won $2,500 each. 

Tanner Black won second place for $10,000. As for the $500,000 jackpot winner, Christopher Brown from Austria came out on top. 


Jumbo Jackpot Winners 

Moving into the Main Event, the highest prize level of the Jumbo Jackpot begins with sixth-place winners. A total of 25 winners were named, which is a lot of winners each winning $500. You have a chance to be one of them. Third, fourth, and fifth place winners took home $5,000 each – Brian Turner, Zachary Johnson, and Matthew Cruz.

As we approached the finish line, Shannon Anderson won the runner-up prize of $20,000. Finally, the moment people are eagerly waiting for, the winner of the million-dollar Jumbo Jackpot is Bulgaria’s, Jack Williams. 



We conclude by congratulating all of this month’s winners. Stay tuned for next month’s draw, which will be broadcast live on our Facebook channel. Try your luck and join the Jumbo winners club or even become a millionaire. Register today and remember, Dream Big, Win Big!

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Jumbo Ticket Live Draw March 5th – As It Happened

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