Jumbo Ticket Live Draw As It Happened - Feb 5th, 2023

The day is an auspicious one as Jumbo Ticket completes 22 live draws, yes we’ve been around for almost two years now. Spreading joy and good fortune to our valuable members as we do every month, this month’s live draw was no different. Let’s take a look at the 75 overall and the lucky few who took home big cash prizes. Here’s the Jumbo Ticket live draw as it happened.


The Live Draw

Jumbo Ticket conducts a live draw on the 5th of each month hosted by the charismatic Lisa and Peter. Keep us glued to our screens as they go through the process of announcing all the winners. The process begins with viewers getting a sense of how the Jumbo Ticket operates, for both regular and new customers.

The draw boasts several winners giving every participant better odds or chances at winning. We believe in giving back more than anything else, hence we make sure you, our members, have a fair chance and offer our best services. Without further ado, let’s dive into the winners.


Mega Jackpot Winners

Lisa and Peter get the audience going by announcing the winners of the Mega Jackpot winners. They take turns reading out the fifteen winners for the 6th to 20th places. Who wins $100 each. 

Followed by the third, fourth, and fifth place winners namely Sandra Williams, Brandy Buck, and Gina Jenkins for the cash prize of $1,000 each. The second-place winner taking home the $5,000, Marcus Trujillo from Kuwait. The Mega Jackpot winner for the month is Donald Martinez who gets the $100,000 jackpot prize.


Royal Jackpot Winners

Next up, The host briefed the audience about the prizes given out in the second-tier jackpot i.e Royal Jackpot. Again, they take turns to read out the details of winners from the 6th to the 25th place. A total of twenty winners each grabbed $300. Followed by the third, fourth, and fifth place winners Caroline Brown, Ronald Kelley, and Kimberly Munoz winning $2,500 each. 

Jimmy Dalton is quite a subtle name but our users have the option of staying anonymous as all we need is the ticket number, which was 710646 won $10,000 as the second-place prize. As for the Jackpot winner of $500,000, Dr. David Novak winner from Trinidad and Tobago represented at its best.


 Jumbo Jackpot Winners

Moving on to the main event, the top tier of prizes in the Jumbo Jackpot starts with the 6th-place winners. A total of 25 winners were named, that’s a lot of winners, each winning $500. Surely you have a chance of being one of them. The third, fourth, and fifth place winners snatched $5,000 each—namely Marissa Navarro, Bryan White, and  Jimmy Linn.

As we move closer to the end, Lisa and Peter call out the second-place winner, Alan Knight collecting $20,000. Finally the moment the audience eagerly awaits, the winner of the $1 million Jumbo Jackpot is Jennifer Wood from China, way to go!



And with that, we conclude the live draw as we say congratulations to all of this month’s winners. Stay tuned for next month’s live draw which will be live broadcasted on our Facebook channel. Try your luck and participate to get into the Jumbo winners club, maybe even become a millionaire. Sign up today and always remember, Dream Big Win Big!

Jumbo Ticket Live Draw As It Happened – Feb 5th, 2023

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