Jumbo Ticket: Redefining the lottery for the next generations

It’s no secret that lottery play isn’t attractive to the youth. The usual crowd is people with disposable incomes and retirees. Multiple reasons could cause this. For instance, the millennials don’t consider the lottery worth their time or money. So what does Jumbo Ticket offer to turn that around? Here’s how we are redefining the lottery for generations to come.


Purchasing a lottery ticket from stores sounds tedious, and with modern payment methods, people simply don’t visit shops that sell tickets. Anything of need is now deliverable to the doorstep. So why not play the lottery from the comfort of your own home? Like an online game. Purchase a ticket for yourself or others easily, watch the live draw and get your winning without stepping out the door with Jumbo Ticket.

The Crypto Era

Everybody now knows what crypto is and that it is here to stay. Fiat currency could become obsolete soon, and cryptocurrency could take its place. It is already in circulation, with the youth making the most of the decentralized alternative. Lucky for you guys, we only deal in crypto as we believe it is the future economy. We have collaborated with 9 of the top token projects in the market, allowing our users to take a stake in the action.

Play For Purpose

Giving back to the community is one of Jumbo Tickets’ core values. Every ticket purchased is helping great causes around the world. We donate a dollar for every ticket purchased for our CSR campaign Jumbo Ticket Trust. The modern-day youth are purpose-driven, looking for every opportunity to impact change. They would consider the bigger picture behind lotteries before taking part. Most of our collaborations have been youth-oriented, but we aim to further our reach to many more causes that will help generations. 

Planning Ahead

The lottery is most people’s retirement plan, but they don’t have to be, not necessarily. Suppose you purchase a ticket for your child or gift them. And it turns out to be a winning ticket. If the child is under 18 years old, they wouldn’t be able to claim it, but you can make it out to a Trust in their name. If they are of legal age, advise them on investing in worthwhile things.


It is an international youth day, an opportunity for governments and others to raise awareness about youth issues. Youth organizations and national and local government officials participate in concerts, workshops, cultural events, and meetings to mark the day. Why not be a part of a good cause? Granted, it is a small part, but a part nonetheless.

Here’s what you can do: support the Jumbo Ticket Trust initiative. Buy a ticket today to support a charitable cause that helps the youth. Help us reach the people in need. Every ticket you buy makes a difference. Sign up today, and dream big, win big!

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Jumbo Ticket: Redefining the lottery for the next generations

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