Among the most trusted online lottery platforms in the world, Jumbo Ticket is the world’s most significant. Many lottery participants win lucrative prizes with Jumbo Ticket’s engaging lottery draw. The Jumbo Ticket lottery winnings range from $100 to $1 million. And this month, 75 winners were selected from three exciting Jackpots during the July live draw on the 5th. 

The Grand Live Draw

It’s not just the big day but a day for our users to make their dreams come true. Every month on the 5th, Jumbo Ticket selects 75 lucky people. The 75 guaranteed lottery winners could be you or anyone else from anywhere in the world. Getting a Jumbo Ticket lottery win is as easy as matching six numbers. 

Peter and Sharon, as usual, host the Jumbo Ticket Live Draw. And, could you imagine winning $100,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000 for only $10, $50 and $100 respectively? Jumbo Ticket makes it possible for our winners to win large amounts like these almost every month. Here are the details about our latest lottery live draw event as it happened.

Mega Jackpot: 20 lucky winners

Our hosts, Sharon and Peter, kicked off the live draw event with a mega jackpot on an enthusiastic note. In the first round, they announced fifteen winners, each of whom won $100. Following that was the announcement of the third through fifth places in the second round. 

The three winners in the second round, who took home $1000 each, were Katherine Beasley from Suriname, Stephanie Garrett from Slovenia, and Tanya Bryant from Egypt. Procuring a cash prize of $5,000, Leah Taylor grabbed second place. The winner of the $100,000 cash prize was Felicia Small from Eswatini, having won the mega jackpot prize.

Royal Jackpot: 25 lucky winners

We spin the drum again, selecting 25 winners for the Royal Jackpot from sixth to twenty-fifth place. Our hosts selected the tickets out of the gravity box one by one for a cash prize of $300. Dennis Hill, Leslie Frazier, and Wanda Williamson won the third, fourth, and fifth prizes of $2,500, respectively.

The second-place winner, Marcus Crawford, took home $100,000. The hosts were excited to announce Christine Harris as our half millionaire of the month. Yes, Christine took home $500,000. 

Jumbo Jackpot: 30 lucky winners

The moment when they announced the 30 Jumbo Jackpot winners was thrilling for many. The 25 winners of the 6th to 30th place, each winning $500, were named along with their ticket numbers. The winning amount of $5,000 went to Alexander Hall, Eileen Miller, and Michele Quinn. These three winners won third, fourth, and fifth places in our Jumbo Jackpot this month. 

Second place for $20,000 went to Lisa Juarez. Natalie Burns from Iraq took home the massive prize worth around $1 million as the first place winner. A millionaire made his dream come true with Jumbo Ticket, the crypto-based online lottery platform.


To participate in the Jumbo Ticket lottery, all you need to do is visit our official website. Start by registering, buy tickets for any jackpot you want to participate in, and select your preferred cryptocurrency for deposits and withdrawals. 

Don’t forget to follow and stay tuned on our Facebook page to watch our monthly live draw on the 5th of every month. Join us today if you are ready to win our jackpots and become a millionaire. Remember! Dream big and win big!


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