Voltaire And The Lottery Winning Methods That Made Him Very Rich

The truth about winning the lottery is not easy to guess, albeit there are secret tips or tricks to winning the lottery. In fact, we look forward to hearing what several lottery winners have to say about specific lottery winning methods. Methods that have consistently increased their lottery winnings. Right?

Do you know Voltaire and what method he used to win the lottery? If not, no worries. Here’s everything about who is Voltaire & his lottery winning methods that made him ridiculously rich and won the dream of every lottery player in the 18th century.


First of all, Voltaire was the French Enlightenment writer and philosopher who outsmarted the lottery during his time. His name was Francois-Marie Arouet, author of many books and essays in large numbers under his pseudonym ‘Voltaire’ for 60 years. 

He has also written many influential poems and books, such as Candide (1759) and Letters Concerning the English Nation (1733). He was a strong civil liberties advocate, analyzing everything from organized religion to the judicial system. 

In most of his writings, he highlighted the significance of tolerance, especially the tolerance of religion. And in France, though he was a great thinker among other philosophers, most of his works were prohibited. He hugely became rich only after exploiting the flaw in the French lottery, teaming up with Charles Marie de La Condamine, who was a mathematician, and others as a syndicate. 

Gambling in Voltaire’s life

Voltaire encountered gambling (Lottery) twice in his life in different ways. In 1729 Voltaire and one of his friends Charles Marie de La Condamine, the mathematician began a lottery syndicate to win the lottery while exploiting a flaw in the design of the lottery when the government planned to raise the value of existing bonds, conducting a monthly France’s national lottery in each district. 


His second encounter occurred when his mistress, Émilie du Châtelet, the mathematician lost Voltaire’s money while gambling with French kings. Voltaire condemned her losses on some friends of the Queen of France, whom he accused of fraud. During the gambling game, he offended the Queen’s friends and ran away from that place to sidestep quarrelling and wrath of them. 

French Lottery event. 

The City of Paris conducted a lottery to pay out municipal bonds. There was a separate lottery in each district of the city. 

Michel Robert Le Pelletier Desforts, France’s deputy finance minister, came up with an idea on how to raise the value of existing bonds and make the government some money. Minister’s idea was only to allow bondholders to buy a lottery ticket fastened to the value of their bonds (each ticket costs 1/1000 of the bond’s value). The winning prizes were higher than the total cost of the lottery tickets in each district. 

The winner would receive the face value of their bonds, which would be more than they could get on the market at the time, plus a 500,000 Livres ‘jackpot’, making the winner instantly rich.

Voltaire’s Lottery Winning Methods

Voltaire was a bondholder of the Hotel de Ville and the rule made by the Minister caught his attention. During the dinner with Charles Marie de La Condamine, he thought that if he bought all the tickets from all districts, he could surely win. Then, he, with a group of his friends, created a syndicate group to participate in that lottery. 

It made him rich after the exploitation of a flaw in the French lottery, teaming up with his mathematician friend Charles and other syndicate members in 1729. Generally, the lottery players used to write something like good luck quotes on the back of their lotto tickets. Voltaire, after purchasing lottery tickets, would instead mockingly write sentences to insult the government and officials.

Finally, Voltaire created his luck in his way, creating a syndicate with his mathematician friend and others. The union made approximately 7.5 million francs is really well worth lots greater these days than forty-one million dollars.

Voltaire invested his lottery winnings in diverse business opportunities. After receiving good information that he had learned from well-placed individuals, like when to buy and sell certain shares of various ventures. He became gradually rich as such.

Voltaire’s philosophy on becoming wealthy constantly by games of chance

Here’s Voltaire’s advice on winning the lottery:

  • Get a friend who is well-versed in mathematics.
  • Create a syndicate/community.
  • Find a low-quality lottery.
  • Drive the devil within you and sidestep the Bastille if possible.
  • Begin a life of philosophy with your winnings.


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Voltaire And The Lottery Winning Methods That Made Him Very Rich

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