Increase Your Chances of Winning a Lottery

Some say that to win a lottery is pure luck. Others say it’s a blessing while others say it is an acquired skill. However, we are not going to talk about the myths surrounding lotteries. Rather, we are going to offer you solid and actionable tips that will help you understand how to play lotteries better. Knowing the do’s and don’ts will highly increase your chances of winning a lottery and cashing in in that big way you’ve always dreamt of. The following are some simple tips on how to increase your chances of winning a lottery;

Choose games with fewer numbers in play

There are different types of lotteries such as Mega Millions, Powerball, and others. Each of these types of plays has different games in play and has a different probability of winning. The fewer the games in play the higher the probability of winning and vice versa. This fact is as true as it comes. Using a Powerball lottery as an example, when you use four balls with a number range of 1-100 you have a 400 probability range but if there are 8 balls with a number range of 1-100 you’ll have a probability range of 800 which is higher than the 400 probability range.

Less popular games have better odds

Popularity simply means the game is most likely to be gambled on by many people and the odds can be set to favor the most probable player or team to win due to the attention on the game. However, less popular games have better odds and hence by choosing to participate in those, you can greatly increase your chances of winning.

Avoid popular numbers

Many people tend to subconsciously choose their birthdays as lucky numbers. As much as it’s not bad, it isn’t a reliable formula either. Choosing popular numbers is inevitable, hence game makers try to sneak numbers that aren’t popular. Using the birthday as a good example, game makers have already known that there is a 31 probability range at risk and therefore they have to make it as challenging as possible by increasing the range.

Take your time to choose a lottery

Patience is also necessary to choose a favorable lottery that has better odds and hence high chances of winning. When someone wins a huge lottery, the few following games tend to have poor odds hence one needs to wait for the right time to choose the best odds. Waiting will also enable you to know what you are picking and this will also augment your chances of winning.

Affiliate to have a high chance of winning

Forming syndicates to be able to win the lottery can be important as many brains can have a high chance of winning something. It can also be a form of looking for investors to provide a financial cushion in case of any losses. This tip has its upside which is everyone has a high chance of winning something. However, the disadvantage is that individual rewards are minimal compared to the agreement you made. You also need to do proper agreements that abide by the law and that won’t cause you any complications ahead.

Buy many tickets

A wide probability range is a crucial tip you need to keep at your fingertips. One way of broadening your range is by buying many tickets. Having many tickets simply means having many chances of winning. Not every ticket will flop and lose. Although this is a great tip, one needs to be cautious and responsible to buy tickets within the scope of their budget. 

Majoring in second chance lotteries

Losing is part of playing any game; there is always a winner and a loser. Having a second chance after losing is a much better deal than losing in one round. Therefore, you need to look for lotteries that provide a second chance. Lotteries that have second chances provide room for redemption and broaden your winning range. They also provide a chance not to lose everything completely.

Use statistics and knowledge

Knowing what to pick is important. Don’t depend on luck or be quick to pick lotteries. Most importantly, don’t doubt yourself. This will help you avoid losing all the time. Be keen and always double-check for any issues that can affect your winning. Using the right statistics and information to buy a lottery is one way to be more comfortable with the outcome as you can be certain of other probabilities that can work or not work to your advantage.

Avoid consecutive numbers

Richard Lustig proposed a theory that aided him to win the lottery a couple of times. His theory stated that consecutive numbers are rarely placed in the same draw. He simply told us to choose numbers from a wide range of different available pools. This will aid cover a large range of samples thus boosting your probability of winning.

Take care of your ticket and avoid scammers

There are some scheming individuals with wrong motives who might greatly undermine your chances of winning. This is because such sneaky people take advantage of others and con or rob them of their tickets. Therefore, you should always be vigilant with your tickets; as soon as you get them you should at least sign on the back to verify possession and also avoid scammers. Following this tip can protect you from suffering unnecessary losses.

Ignore myths and misconceptions

Humans are designed to have their own opinions on every topic but you shouldn’t follow everything. You need to do your research and be able to make wise and informed selections so that you can be a hundred percent aware of any consequence and risk on hand. This will save you from a lot of losses or damage. You will be more certain of your choices and greatly increase your chances of winning.


These are just a few tips to widen your winning probability. There are many other ways that people use to win. Others might be lucky but having the right knowledge can help you push through many lotteries. All in all, you need to have your methods and techniques after extensive personal research, and buying lotteries can be a wonderful experience. Always remember to be responsible when participating in such games. 

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