What are the Six Luckiest Lottery Numbers to Select?

People put a lot of thought into their lottery number selection process. The assumption that certain numbers are lucky leads to their overuse. Nonetheless, many numbers don’t seem fancy enough to win and are less likely to win. It is quite common nowadays that gamers just go with the winning lottery numbers from the past. But can these repeated numbers hold you a big fortune? Keeping that in mind, here are the six luckiest lottery numbers that you can try to win the next jackpot.

So you want to buy a lottery ticket, and you end up picking the wrong numbers? What numbers should you choose to bag the grand prize? Everyone wants to win the lottery. There are dozens of lotteries to play and millions of dollars to win. However, the chance of winning the lottery is about one in three hundred million. You might have tried purchasing multiple tickets, giving a try to every lottery draw just to maximize your chances of winning.

How to pick lottery numbers? 

People spend billions on lottery tickets every year, and there’s no surprise in it that nearly everyone ends up empty-handed. So what numbers have a high probability of winning? Most people go with their date of birth, anniversary dates, or favorite numbers. No doubt picking the most drawn lottery numbers can increase your odds to win. You can analyze the statistics and search for the highest drawn numbers. There is no mathematical explanation as to why certain numbers are drawn more frequently than others.

This task might be a little time-consuming. Look at past results, note which numbers appear most frequently, and track the numbers that you need to avoid. Nevertheless, every number has the same chance of being drawn, regardless of whether it has been drawn 20 times or 0 times in the past. Keeping a constant track of most drawn lottery numbers can be helpful to some extent.

1. No. 22

The lottery number 22 has been drawn 26 times in Mega Millions since October 2017, according to USA Mega. This number is now a priority number for many players.

2. No. 61

According to Lotto Numbers, the lottery number 61 has been drawn 68 times in the Powerball jackpot. When the player needs to pick 5 numbers from 1-69, they always start with the number 61 white ball nowadays.

3. No. 32

Statistics from Lotto Numbers indicate that number 32 is another lucky Powerball jackpot number that has been drawn 67 times.

4. No. 24

When it comes to selecting a red ball in Powerball Jackpot, the Lotto Number indicates that the number 24 is the luckiest lottery number that has been drawn 41 times.

5. No. 11

According to USA Mega, the lottery number 11 has been drawn 24 times.

6. No. 23

The lottery number 23 has been drawn 65 times, as indicated by Lotto Numbers.

The Final word

According to the top news agency CNBC, lottery jackpots have been on the rise touching hundreds of millions every year. Researching, analyzing, and playing with the lucky lottery numbers from the past can be of some use in the present and future. However, do remember that like all the lottery systems, they don’t give you a certain guarantee of winning the jackpot. But why not give them a try the next time you play the lottery?


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