How Sweden’s Speed Camera Lottery Is Keeping Drivers In Check.

Kevin Richardson’s speed camera lottery has made road safety fun with the simple yet smart idea. The gamified traffic rule automatically enrolls drivers who go in at or under the speed limit into a lottery. From the fines paid by speeders, a prize pool is accumulated. How interesting is that?

The implementation of the speed camera lottery has created progress. The average speed of cars has dropped nearly 30 percent over the last decade. Let’s take a look at how they made it work.


The concept

In November 2010, the Swedish National Society for Road Safety implemented the concept originally proposed by Kevin Richardson in Stockholm, Sweden. A Speed Camera Lottery device would photograph all drivers passing beneath it using existing traffic cameras and speed-capture technologies. 

The system recorded the speed of each passing vehicle and displayed it to passing drivers. Drivers who speed would be photographed and given a citation. With proceeds going into a cash fund. All drivers who obey the speed law would be recorded. They would have a chance to win some of the money collected from the speeders.


Identifying the problem.

Being responsible and safe behind the wheel is for a cause greater than yourself. There is no doubt that this has caused many people to put some kind of limit on their driving speed, making the roads safer.

However, fast driving is not always equated with dangerous driving. It is still worth it to many people to ignore the speed limit if it means they will arrive at their destinations sooner. To discourage such behavior, the government introduced speeding fines. Driving at a faster speed will result in a ticket, so people will slow down. People will be deterred from driving dangerously if they see a ticket.

Despite this, since the chances of getting caught speeding are relatively low, it does not deter people from speeding as much as it should. The result is that everybody walks the tightrope of being exactly at or sometimes slightly above the posted speed limit. Which is not ideal. When traffic flow tends towards uniform higher speeds, it inhibits safe maneuvering. Such as merging into and out of lanes and transitioning between thoroughfares.

Subsequently, an alternative solution has been introduced. You’ve probably seen those speed detectors that don’t charge you fines but merely tell you what speed you’re going at. The fact that users are in control of their “score” and see feedback immediately encourages them to slow down even more.


Making road safety fun.

The SpeedCam Lottery offers players the opportunity to “earn” money if they do well and achieve the Win-State. The tangible form of reward i.e cash itself can be a fairly strong motivator.

People will be more motivated to participate if there is a 10% chance of winning $100, rather than if there is a 100% chance of winning $10. The main reason is that they are always wondering if they will win. This makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

Although the generic speed cam above shows your score, you still have to decide whether you were over the limit or not. There is, however, a very clear distinction in the Speedcam Lottery between winning and losing.

People feel a stronger endorphin rush after doing that. That’s like saying “Congratulations” on paper.



SpeedCam Lottery has helped motivate Stockholm drivers to drive safely by reducing citations, avoiding fines, or receiving immediate visual feedback. As a result of the SpeedCam Lottery, drivers become more motivated by potential cash incentives, lottery anticipation, and encouragement from the public.

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How Sweden’s Speed Camera Lottery Is Keeping Drivers In Check.

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