5 Lottery-Themed Movies and TV Shows You Must Watch!

People buy lottery tickets all over the world, fingers crossed, hoping their unique sequence of numbers will turn them into millionaires overnight!

There are movies, and even television shows that center around winning the lottery because it is such an exciting and bizarre life experience.

We have the ideal selection if you’re looking for some lottery-themed movies or television to binge-watch.

Waking Ned Devine

In the 1998 movie, Michael and Jackie, two friends, learn that Ned Devine, a resident of their tiny town, has won the lottery. When they arrive to see whether Ned Devine will split his riches with them, they discover that he has passed away from shock!

To claim Ned Devine’s significant lottery victory, the two attempt to trick the lottery inspectors into believing Michael is Ned Devine.


In the 2010 dark comedy Lucky, a serial killer claims a $36 million lottery prize. With plenty of money in the bank, his longtime love interest and coworker Lucy finally takes an active interest in him.

When Lucy discovers that her former husband is a serial killer who killed the young woman who purchased the lottery ticket along with other ladies who looked exactly like her, she finds herself in a pickle.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons have two episodes about how big of a deal winning the lotto is!

In the first episode: local reporter Kent Brockman discovered he had won the jackpot while presenting the lotto numbers.

Homer Simpson eventually wins the lotto in a later episode after reading a fortune cookie message that predicted a lucky day for him. He ultimately purchases a ticket and wins $1 million. Homer had to break a promise to Marge to buy his lucky ticket. Homer keeps it a secret and spends the million as soon as possible.


Friends, a well-known television sitcom, hopes to win the jackpot in season nine by combining their money to buy a dozen lottery tickets.

They end up fighting over how to divide and spend their riches. This forces Phoebe to throw away the tickets without double-checking the numbers.

It Could Happen To You

The comedy-drama from 1994 is arguably one of the most well-known movies about the lottery. As the policeman who splits his winning lotto ticket with his waitress as a tip, Nicolas Cage plays the role. After winning $6 million, he honors his commitment to divide his wealth and discovers that he is in love.

The movie accounts for an event in which a New York police officer Robert Cunningham. He verbally promised to split any lottery winnings with a waitress who works at a diner, Phyllis Penzo. Cunningham did an admirable job of keeping his word. Giving Penzo an equal share of the funds in the end.


The lottery is a great place to find drama and exciting stories, just pick up the newspaper. You’ll find articles on lottery winners, lost and recovered lottery tickets, deserved and undeserving winners, treachery, generosity, and other topics. Nearly everything involving the lottery is dramatic by nature or may undoubtedly serve as the basis for a fantastic story. But life is a lot more fascinating and better than fiction. Instead of settling for TV stories about lottery winners, try your luck and live it! Play the biggest and most thrilling lotteries online right now!

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5 Lottery-Themed Movies and TV Shows You Must Watch!

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