Anyone around the world can now win one million dollars

Jumbo Ticket, one of the leading international online lottery, based on cryptocurrency,  that offers a grand sum of $1 million among many other prizes. Anyone from anywhere around the world has a chance of winning and becoming a millionaire overnight from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is purchase a ticket to the jackpot you want to participate in on the official website at

You can choose from three different jackpots, the Mega Jackpot, The Royal Jackpot and The Jumbo Jackpot, the latter with the $1 million prize with 29 other prizes ranging from $500 to $20,000. Taking part doesn’t take much effort except for a small price tag of $50 and the payout is quite worth it. The winners are announced on the 5th of every month and you could be Jumbo Tickets next big winner!

Follow these simple steps, and you’re halfway there to win $ 1 million

  1. Visit the official Jumbo Ticket website, to sign up.
  2. Deposit funds into your account with your choice of cryptocurrency.
  3. Select the Jumbo Jackpot, among the other two, by clicking on buy ticket.
  4. You can pick from the preset ticket numbers courtesy of RnG servers or fill in a ticket with your favourite numbers.
  5. Confirm the purchase of a ticket or tickets by completing the transaction, you can purchase as many as 108 tickets at a time, with no limit on the total number of tickets per member.

Jumbo Ticket holds a streamable live draw, for which you can find the link on their Facebook page or watch live on their Youtube channel, where the hosts announce winners on the 5th of every month. 75 winners are created every month. Each jackpot has 19, 25 and 29 secondary winners, which means the chances of winning are better and you’re less likely to walk out empty handed.

What makes Jumbo Ticket one of the best lottery sites in the world?

Jumbo Ticket is a stand alone online lottery platform, whose translations are based entirely on cryptocurrency. This ensures the privacy and security of members data while also providing quick transactions of funds during deposits and instant withdrawals. Jumbo Ticket does not charge its members any house commissions or hidden charges, which has grown their reliability among users. Since every function of Jumbo Ticket takes place online, anyone from anywhere in the world with an internet connection can participate and have a chance at winning big prizes.

For more information regarding how to play the Jumbo Ticket lotteries, visit

Disclaimer: Playing the Jumbo Ticket lottery involves a certain level of risk, while the risks can be equally rewarding. We urge users to play responsibly, play for fun and play for a greater cause (view CSR page).


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Anyone Around the World Can Win a $1 Million Jumbo Jackpot, Hosted by Jumbo Ticket International Lottery

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