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With the ever evolving technology and the internet world, key industries are shifting to online modes and rightly so. The push from offline modes to online came sooner as the pandemic came upon us. State sponsored lottery industries suffered initially due to the same. But the transition from offline to online modes created a boom and forever changed the future of lotteries. It is definitely a change for the better, with the online modes having more pros than cons against offline lotteries. Location, security, convenience and reliability are some of the basic perks when it comes to online lotteries.

However, the absolute game changer was the integration of online lotteries with cryptocurrency and blockchain. Almost all the industries of the internet business are undergoing huge changes due to the development and use of blockchain technology.

Independency, safety and confidentiality are some of the primary offerings which are fulfilled by the concept of decentralization in blockchain. The crypto-revolution strives to provide independence to its users and it has managed to change the lottery industry forever.

The blockchain technology ensures that all the draws are provably fair. Lotteries on this system are completely transparent and impossible to tamper with. If you still doubt the results, you can run the source code and verify the results for yourself. Cryptocurrency also provides you the much needed anonymity in case you win a lottery. You can also directly manage your funds from your wallet without binding to any personal data.

This paradigm shift in the lottery business was brought upon by the integration of blockchain technology. Jumbo Ticket has been one of the pioneers in bringing out this change and strives to provide the gold standard of online lotteries and a premium experience to all its consumers across spectrum. With Jumbo Ticket, the future of the lottery is definitely evolving into a system which is committed towards security, independence, convenience and most importantly reliability.

How online crypto lotteries are shaping the future of lottery?

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