Jumbo Ticket live draw September 5th ,2021
Jumbo Ticketlottery winners

There was a high buzz among the spectators as they were getting settled to watch the Jumbo Ticket live draw for September. The crowd with applause greets our hosts for tonight as Sharon and Peter take center stage. With people watching from all around the world, our hosts prepare to get the live draw underway. […]

Jumbo Ticket live draw august 5th -2021
Jumbo Ticketlottery winners

Jumbo Ticket is one of the biggest names in the online lottery world and generates many winners. The most recent live draw took place on the 5th of August, with 75 winners taking home cash prizes. Each live draw produces the same number of winners. We hold our monthly draw on the 5th of each […]

Jumbo Ticket live draw July5th, 2021.
Jumbo Ticketlottery winners

Watching the numbers being called out and waiting to see who the winners are is always exciting, it could be you or anyone else. Jumbo Tickets lottery participants felt this excitement when the live draw for this month took place. Here’s a little glimpse into it. Peter and Sharon, the presenters, eased us into it […]

jumbo ticket live draw
Jumbo Ticketlottery winners

The Jumbo Ticket live draw is scheduled for the 5th of every month. Participants eagerly await the announcement of winners and the possibility of winning tickets on the day of the announcement. The month of June brought a flurry of winners with big prizes to go around for all of them. Let’s take a look […]

image of crypto signals
crypto lotteryLottery

With the advancement of technology and the internet, key industries are shifting to more online modes, and for good reason. The push from offline modes to online came sooner as the pandemic came upon us. Government-sponsored lottery industries initially suffered as a result. But the transition from offline to online modes created a boom and […]