Jumbo Ticket anchors conducting live draw for novembe 2021

Jumbo Ticket, being one of the best International online lottery sites, creates many winners across the world each month. Here, we have our most recent Live Draw event, which occurred on the 5th of November, 2021. As our hosts Sharon and Peter were present on stage to lead the Live Draw program, the audience was thrilled to know who the lucky winners were.

Seventy-five winners are chosen totally from each jackpot every month and anyone can be one of those seventy-five winners to win the big cash prize. Winning takes effort, buy more tickets, maximize your odds of winnings, participate, and one day you too could be a millionaire too.

Mega Jackpot (win $1, 00,000 for just $10)

Sharon and Peter commenced the event with Mega Jackpot, where 20 lucky winners got the winning prizes worth $100, $1000, $5000, and $100k.

The first fifteen names of the winners from 6th to 20th place for the winning amount worth $100 were read out in the beginning by our hosts. Then, our presenters started naming out the winners of $1,000 for third to fifth places. They are Eddievaldo with ticket number 364870, from the United Arab Emirates, Koy Kessuda with ticket number 547677 from Tanzania and Josep Kowalski with ticket number 964454, from the United States.

The second winning prize worth $5,000 went to Olive Badia, who held ticket number 946589, from Kenya. The spectators were in great astonishment to know the Mega Jackpot winner for the  $100k prize. It was Sarahseed from Canada holding the ticket number 657629.

Royal Jackpot (win $5,00,000 for just $50)

Peter, the host before beginning to announce the Royal Jackpot winners, asserted telling the viewers that there is no better way to spend your day than by seeing people’s reactions to becoming winners.

Next up, the winners from 6th to 25th for Royal Jackpot, who won $300 each, were announced. 3rd,4th, and 5th places were Beun Donsavanh from Laos, Muhammad Ariffianfo from Indonesia, and Qweqe Qweqw from Albania, each winning the prize of $2500.

The Royal Jackpot second place went to Addison Mathaba for the winning amount worth $10,000. Le Van Cao from Vietnam snatched first place, winning $500k, holding ticket number 377733.

Jumbo Jackpot (win $1 million for just $100)

As the end of the Live Draw drew near, the audiences were anxious to know who the winners of Jumbo Jackpot were, having 30 winners altogether.

Our hosts led off the event by reading out the names of 6th to 30th place winners with their ticket number and country, each winning the prize amount worth $500. Mutlu Ugurlu from Turkey with ticket number 766933, Abdullah Aakash with ticket number 287606, from Pakistan, and Nguyen Luong with ticket number 678662 from Viet Nam took third to fifth place, each winning $5,000.

The second place of winning worth $20,000 was grabbed by Nhutrangbon from Vietnam, holding ticket number 912542. It was then the time to declare the name of the millionaire of this month on 5th, who won the Jumbo Jackpot worth $1 million. Our Jumbo Jackpot winner was Lionel James Tuwairua from New Zealand, holding the lucky ticket number 536157.

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Jumbo Ticket Live Draw as it Happened – November 5th 2021

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