Lottery Myths Busted: Some of the bizarre lottery truths uncovered

There are a lot of fake lottery news stories you can find online, and you should not be swayed by them. Or else, you are at risk of not becoming filthy rich. Winning the lottery involves some magic, and the lottery is surrounded by myths, like anything that catches our attention. In the long run, these myths affect the way society views lottery games. We at Jumbo Ticket think it’s time to shine a spotlight on some of the bizarre lottery truths that, with the rise of the internet, have spread widely over the years and have been accepted as gospel. Come and let us, through this article, discover the truth.

Playing frequently with the same number will win you a jackpot prize

Some lottery players think that playing the same or favorite numbers frequently will give them a chance of hitting the jackpot easily. However, there have been numerous winners who used this same strategy with the hope of winning big. But, the fact every lottery player should know is that since lottery numbers are drawn randomly, your chances of hitting the jackpot are the same as other ticket numbers.

Winning a jackpot twice is impossible

Winning a jackpot twice is impossible. Really? No. The history of gambling shows that odds are the same every time, so luck can strike twice. Stefan Mandel, for instance, won the lottery jackpot 14 times. Joan Ginther is known for making headlines four times for winning the Texas lottery. It was the third time in a month that Calvin Spencer and Zatera Spencer won the lottery jackpot. Finally, it is possible to win the lottery twice, thrice, and even more times, as said above.

Playing the lottery makes you addictive

No. Of course, it does not. Despite the common belief that playing the lottery will lead to gambling addiction, playing the lottery does not cause compulsive gambling. This is even if lotteries are the only legal form of gambling in a community. Many psychological and physiological factors can lead to addiction to anything. Try your luck with Jumbo Ticket and get 100% guaranteed winnings and be one in seventy-five assured winners each month.

Winning a lottery is a life-changing

A life-changing event like winning the lottery can have a profound effect on you, but it doesn’t change who you are. When you make wise financial decisions now and then in your life, having a healthy amount of money will help you achieve financial freedom. If you were happy before you won the lottery, you’ll likely remain so after your big win. Agree? Everything depends on you. Come play the lottery online with Jumbo Ticket to design your life the way you want to live.

The odds of winning are better when only the jackpots are smaller

Not! Even though this myth seems plausible, success depends neither on the jackpot size nor on the number of players. The odds of winning will increase if you buy more tickets. Regardless of how huge the jackpot may seem, your chances of winning are the same. Jumbo Ticket offers three unique jackpots worth $100,000 to $1 million. We make 75 winners each month during our live draw on the 5th.

Only the lottery winners are benefitted

Online charities especially benefit from the lottery’s reach beyond jackpot winners. Most lottery platforms offer charitable work to people in need, not just lottery winners. Jumbo Ticket not only helps users win the lottery but also donates $1 from every ticket purchased to charity.

Winners should reveal their identity

Upon winning, every winner has the right to stay anonymous, which means that winners can spend their winnings in whatever way they like with a peaceful mind. Regardless of the amount you win, you can choose to be anonymous with Jumbo Ticket.

The End

To win the lottery, all you need is luck, winning tactics, and knowledge about how to fulfill your dreams. The following bizarre truths about the lottery should not be heard. To experience and learn more about the lottery, you need to get started on playing the lottery with your preferred lottery sites online. To participate in our Jumbo Ticket lottery jackpots, visit our website and play the jackpots of your choice. Remember! When you dream big, you can win big at Jumbo Ticket.

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Lottery Myths Busted: Some of the bizarre lottery truths uncovered

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