Jumbo Ticket Live Draw As It Happened - September 5th, 2023

Jumbo Ticket has now held 27 live draws, marking the completion of the day’s auspicious milestone of a new year in business. This month’s live draw was no different from the ones we hold each month in terms of bringing happiness and luck to our valued members. Let’s look at the top 75 players overall and the fortunate ones who won significant financial rewards. Here is the live drawing as it took place.


Jumbo Ticket Live Draw

Jumbo Ticket conducts a live draw on the 5th of each month hosted by the charismatic Lisa and Peter.  As they announce each winner, they manage to keep us glued to our screens. As it is preferable to be informed and ready, it naturally starts with the viewers obtaining a sense of how Jumbo Ticket functions for both regular and new consumers.

Every participant has improved odds or possibilities of winning because the draw has numerous winners. We prioritize giving back, so we ensure that you, as one of our members, have a fair chance and provide our finest services. Let’s go to the winners without further ado.


Mega Jackpot

Lisa and Peter start the night by revealing the thrilling Mega Jackpot winners. Among the fifteen successful participants, each received a $100 prize. The atmosphere in the room is filled with elation as the winners step forward. Beaming with happiness at the unexpected windfall. But hold on, that’s just the beginning!

The winners are:

5th place winner of $1,000 – Jamie Bonnici

4th place winner of $1,000 – Begona Ortiz

3rd place winner of $1,000 – Onesimo Ortega

2nd place winner of $5,000 – Teofila Fuentes

1st place winner of $100,000 – Kevin Blanks


Royal Jackpot

As the live draw continues, the spotlight shifts to the Royal Jackpot winners. Twenty lucky winners receive a delightful $300 each, creating waves of cheers and applause across the room. But the moment of triumph and excitement reaches its pinnacle when the grand prize winner is announced, taking home an astonishing $500,000. Their dreams come true, and the joy is contagious as they bask in their extraordinary victory.

The winners are:

5th place winner of $2,500 – Julien Stevenson

4th place winner of $2,500 – Dakota Moreno

3rd place winner of $2,500 – Joseph Kowalewski

2nd place winner of $10,000 – Samkelisiwe Ndaba

1st place winner of $500,000 – Marek Thomka


Jumbo Jackpot

Now, the tension builds as the Jumbo Jackpot winners are revealed. Twenty-five winners claim their $500 prizes, followed by the top contenders who secure $5,000 each. The room is alive with energy and excitement, but all eyes are on the runner-up, walking away with an impressive $20,000. And then, the moment everyone has been waiting for—the million-dollar Jumbo Jackpot winner is announced. The crowd burst into a frenzy of cheers and applause as the newly-minted millionaire steps forward, their life forever changed by this incredible stroke of luck.

The winners are:

5th place winner of $5,000 – Courtney Johnson

4th place winner of $5,000 – Fiorenzo Garibaldi

3rd place winner of $5,000 – Virgil Littel

2nd place winner of $20,000 – Eulalia Jimenez

1st place winner of $1,000,000 – Mwenda Muhia


Bottom line

We now call the live draw to a close and extend our congratulations to all of this month’s winners. Keep an eye out for next month’s live draw. Catch the show live on our Facebook channel. Participate and try your luck to join the Jumbo winners club and perhaps even become a billionaire. Join today and never forget to Dream Big Win Big!

Jumbo Ticket Live Draw As It Happened – September 5th, 2023

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