Jumbo Ticket Live Draw April - As It Happened

As usual, the Jumbo Ticket Live Draw returns in April. We are delighted to bring to our readers’ attention the events that take place during the draw on the fifth of every month. This is in our As It Happened series. So let’s get into it.

Live Draw 

Every month on the 5th, Jumbo Ticket hosts a live drawing hosted by Lisa and Peter. Keep us glued to our screens as they announce all the winners.

Our lovely hosts explain the Jumbo Ticket as a means of preparing for future customers and jogging memories of our present users.

In the lottery, there are multiple winners, so each participant has a better chance of winning. Because we care about giving back more than anything else, we make sure that you, our members, get a fair chance and receive the best services. Now let’s have a look at the winners. 


Mega Jackpot Winners 

Lisa and Peter get the crowd excited by announcing the Mega Jackpot winners. Taking turns, they count fifteen winners from the 6th to the 20th, each winning $100.

As third, fourth, and fifth place winners, Vin Mikitenko, Samuel Adu-Gyamfi, and Simon Rodriguez each won $1,000. The runner-up, taking home $5,000, is Roger Martens from Belgium. This month’s Mega Jackpot winner is Darius Cuevas, who will receive a $100,000 jackpot prize. 

Royal Jackpot Winners 

Next, the presenter told the audience about the prizes for the second level jackpot, the Royal Jackpot. Again, they read the information about the winners from the 6th to the 25th. Twenty winners won $300 each. Third, fourth, and fifth-place winners Miqueas Ibanez, Santino McCullough, and Ayman Abdelhakim won $2,500 each. 

Mitchell Starc won second place for $10,000. As for the $500,000 jackpot winner, Bertille Mathiev from France came out on top. 


Jumbo Jackpot Winners 

Moving into the Main Event, the Jumbo Jackpot prize level begins with sixth-place winners. A total of 25 winners were named, which is a lot of winners each winning $500. You have a chance to be one of them. Third, fourth, and fifth place winners took home $5,000 each – Hisham Abdelnaby, Rosalina Gunarto, and Rigoberto Pena.

As we approached the finish line, Mwana Kanyamu won the runner-up prize of $20,000. Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for, the winner of the million-dollar Jumbo Jackpot is Iveta Slavikona from the Czech Republic. 


We conclude by congratulating all this month’s winners. Stay tuned for next month’s draw, which will be broadcast live on our Facebook channel. Try your luck and join the Jumbo winners club or become a millionaire. Register today and remember, Dream Big, Win Big!

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