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Jumbo Ticket is one of the leading online lottery sites providing an opportunity for people to change their lives. One of the founding values of Jumbo Ticket is to give back to the community, making dreams come true for their users by offering a range of exciting jackpots and much more. This Includes our Jumbo Ticket Trust campaign, to provide children around the world for a better future.

Lotteries were created to serve a good cause, organised by the government to generate funds by allotting tickets to citizens, where the winners of the drawings would take home a prize usually in the form of money and a percentage of it would be used to develop government projects. Over the years, private lotteries let the industry expand the reach of such activities through non profit or non government organisations each for a good cause.

The Jumbo Ticket Trust campaign is a program where we invest $1 from every ticket that is  bought by our members irrespective of it being the Mega, Royal or Jumbo jackpot, every member is doing their part by just purchasing tickets. We most recently launched this campaign with our Non Government Organisation partners, Develop Africa, based in Sierra Leone, they build their work around changing lives of little boys and girls who lack the opportunity of having better education and standard of living.

Our recent corporate social responsibility campaign activity involved us in making a difference in the little lives of school children, who go to a school located in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Develop Africa along with Jumbo Ticket provided the little children with stationery items such as pens, pencils, other school supplies in support of their education and mosquito nets for protecting the children in their fight against the malaria disease.To view the images or to know more, you can visit the Develop Africa article here.

The initiative has garnered the attention of our users, if not for them this wouldn’t have been possible. We hope to reach more people to participate, to improve our level of contributions and create or collaborate more programs such as this one. The campaign has also been endorsed by a famous athlete, a West Indies international cricketer Chris Gayle, who expressed his appreciation.

Jumbo Ticket aims to continue this responsibility, hoping to better contribute to social issues wherever and whenever possible. Develop Africa was very appreciative of the effort, replying with an article of gratitude on their website. They also received images of smiles from the little children, holding up a banner that said ‘Thank You!! Jumbo Ticket’. To follow the JTT campaign, visit their official website or social media platform. To be a part of the initiative, register on Jumbo Ticket and start buying tickets. Dream big! Win Big! And help others win too.


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Jumbo Ticket Trust, How a Dollar Can Make a Difference

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