Lottery Myths Busted: Some of the bizarre lottery truths uncovered
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There are a lot of fake lottery news stories you can find online, and you should not be swayed by them. Or else, you are at risk of not becoming filthy rich. Winning the lottery involves some magic, and the lottery is surrounded by myths, like anything that catches our attention. In the long run, […]

Blockchain Lotteries Transforming The Industry
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A lottery is a form of gambling that draws lots for a prize. Lotteries are outlawed by some governments, while others endorse them to the extent of organizing a national lottery. Lotteries come in many formats, though the most common form of modern-day lotteries is those that use computers to randomly generate winning numbers or […]

Lottery Vs Sweepstakes – Are They Different Altogether?
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Ever wondered what the difference between a lottery and a sweepstake is? Well, you’re not alone. Many people think the two terms are interchangeable when, in fact, there are some differences between the two. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at lotteries vs sweepstakes to help you understand the difference between the two. […]

What are the reasons for people to keep playing the lottery?
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It’s no secret that lotteries are a game of risk. There’s a high possibility that your time and efforts might be a waste. Yet that doesn’t stop people from buying tickets regularly, does it? More and more people take it on every year, and with the help of the internet, the reach has expanded significantly. […]

What Lotteries Will Look Like In The Metaverse
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As the number of virtual clients keeps increasing in the lottery and sports betting sector. The variety of digital customers of digital structures keeps growing worldwide. This is because the metaverse gives players the option of expanding and curating lottery merchandise. Digitalization Of The World. Modern-day and futuristic virtual structures will incorporate virtual reality (VR) […]

How Sweden’s Speed Camera Lottery Is Keeping Drivers In Check.
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Kevin Richardson’s speed camera lottery has made road safety fun with the simple yet smart idea. The gamified traffic rule automatically enrolls drivers who go in at or under the speed limit into a lottery. From the fines paid by speeders, a prize pool is accumulated. How interesting is that? The implementation of the speed […]

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People who are poor and in need can be found anywhere. These are people who have minimal access to the basic necessities of living. Jumbo Ticket is one of the most popular online lottery platforms. It offers people the chance to improve their standard of living. Jumbo Ticket strives to help the community by providing […]

Celebrating One Year of Jumbo Ticket
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Jumbo Ticket is an international crypto-based online lottery platform that is revolutionizing the online lottery industry and offers the participants to play three of the most enticing and life-changing Jackpots to win up to $1 million from all around the world. It is the gold standard of the best crypto online lottery. When you choose […]

Celebrating Six Months of Jumbo Ticket
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Jumbo Ticket is proud to be one of the top ten best international online lottery sites on this globe. Today, we are happy in celebrating our six months of Jumbo Ticket. We are overwhelmed with joy and happiness because we have turned many dreamers into winners to date just as our motto suggests. Now, let […]