Jumbo Ticket October Live Draw - As It Happened

Jumbo Ticket has now completed 28 live draws. We take pride in being a premier lottery platform that empowers players to chase their dreams, offering the finest blend of online and offline lottery experiences.

Our lottery boasts three incredible jackpots, allowing our members to select the one that suits them best. With ticket prices ranging from $10 to $100, potential winnings span from $100 to a whopping $1 million. All it takes is six numbers to make your dreams come true!

Live Draw

Jumbo Ticket holds a captivating live draw on the 5th of every month, featuring the charismatic duo of Lisa and Peter. Their engaging announcements of each lucky winner have a way of riveting our attention to the screens. To acquaint both our loyal patrons and newcomers with how Jumbo Ticket operates, we kickstart the proceedings by imparting an understanding.

In our quest to promote fairness, we offer enhanced odds and increased possibilities of winning to all participants, thanks to the multitude of winners in each draw. Our commitment to giving back ensures that you, as a valued member, enjoy an equitable opportunity along with our top-notch services. Without further delay, let’s dive into announcing the winners.

Mega Jackpot

Lisa and Peter kick off the evening by announcing the exhilarating Mega Jackpot winners. Out of the fifteen fortunate participants, each one takes home a $100 prize. The room brims with excitement as the winners step up, radiating sheer joy at their unexpected fortune. However, that’s just the start of the excitement!

The winners are:

5th place winner of $1,000 – Lina Olsen

4th place winner of $1,000 – Nicodemo Crespo

3rd place winner of $1,000 – Hisham Ali

2nd place winner of $5,000 – Lea Matthews

1st place winner of $100,000 – Carly Benitez

Royal Jackpot

As the live draw unfolds, the spotlight gracefully turns to the recipients of the Royal Jackpot. A jubilant atmosphere fills the room as twenty fortunate individuals each receive a generous prize of $300, eliciting waves of exuberant cheers and applause. However, the zenith of excitement and triumph is achieved when the grand prize winner is revealed, claiming an astounding $500,000. Their dreams materialize before their eyes, and the room becomes electrified with contagious joy as they revel in their extraordinary victory

The winners are:

5th place winner of $2,500 – M h Qu nh Tr n

4th place winner of $2,500 – Evans Mwita

3rd place winner of $2,500 – Patricia Pirvu

2nd place winner of $10,000 – Maria Petrona

1st place winner of $500,000 – Mugurel Toth

Jumbo Jackpot

As anticipation mounts, the winners of the Jumbo Jackpot emerge one by one. First, twenty-five fortunate individuals come forward to collect their $500 prizes. Next in line are the top contenders, each claiming a substantial $5,000 reward. The atmosphere in the room crackles with exhilaration and enthusiasm, yet all eyes remain fixed on the runner-up, who departs with an impressive $20,000 in hand. And then, the moment of truth arrives—the million-dollar Jumbo Jackpot victor is announced. The crowd erupts into a symphony of cheers and applause as the newly anointed millionaire steps into the spotlight, their life irrevocably transformed by this astonishing twist of fate.

The winners are:

5th place winner of $5,000 – Mekdes Woldeselassie

4th place winner of $5,000 – Rocco Greithanner

3rd place winner of $5,000 – Roxy Haan

2nd place winner of $20,000 – Amare Tadesee

1st place winner of $1,000,000 – Darshini Iyer

Bottom line

As we bring the live draw to its conclusion, we offer our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners for this month. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for next month’s live drawing, which will be broadcast on our Facebook channel. Don’t miss your chance to participate and try your luck, as you could join the prestigious ranks of the Jumbo Winners Club and, who knows, even join the League of billionaires. Take the first step today and always remember to Dream Big, Win Big!

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