Celebrating Human Rights day With Jumbo Ticket.

Every year, Human Rights Day is observed as a public holiday across the world. It marks the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948. The key principles outlined in this declaration include freedom from discrimination and the right to life, liberty, and security of a person.

Human Rights Day is a public holiday

Many countries around the world celebrate Human Rights Day as a public holiday. It was first observed on December 10th, 1948 by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 31/46 which declared December 10th annually as Human Rights Day.

Many countries celebrate Human Rights Day with concerts and galas where celebrities or dignitaries speak about their views on human rights. There are also government exhibitions demonstrating how the human rights movement has protected the rights of children and adults alike. The exhibits usually feature paintings by famous artists depicting scenes from history related to human rights issues, such as slavery or genocide. It makes viewers reflect more deeply on these topics before deciding how they want their lives to progress.

Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris

10 December is the anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Eleanor Roosevelt proposed this milestone as a “common standard of achievement for all peoples and nations” on 10 December 1948. Who, at the time, was the First Lady of the United States?

  • The Universal Declaration provides a list of 30 basic human rights that every person should enjoy:

  • The right to life

  • Right not to be subjected to torture or cruel treatment or punishment

  • Right not to be arbitrarily deprived of one’s liberty

The key principles

The key principles outlined in the declaration include freedom from discrimination and the right to life, liberty, and security of a person.

The declaration also sets out specific human rights for women, children, and other vulnerable groups. In addition to upholding their reproductive rights, providing them with affordable health care, protecting them from exploitation in child labor or prostitution, ensuring they receive equal access to education, and preventing violence, including sexual violence.

The most translated document in the world

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is one of the most translated documents in the world. There have been translations into over 500 languages and dialects. It remains largely unchanged since its adoption at a UN conference in Paris on December 10th, 1948.

The declaration contains three main principles:

  • All human beings are born free and equal in dignity, rights, and freedom;

  • There should be no difference in their treatment based on their religious beliefs or political opinions;

  • They should enjoy complete equality before the law without any discrimination based on race, religion, or social origin

Human rights are fundamental to every individual.

It is important to be respected by others.


This is a day to remember the basic rights and freedoms that every human being deserves. It is also an opportunity to promote human rights around the world. It also helps build relationships with others who share these values. $1 from every ticket sale goes to the Jumbo Ticket Trust Campaign. Every member participates in the Jumbo Ticket Trust campaign by purchasing tickets. They assist those in need by giving them food and educational support. Jumbo Ticket is demonstrating to the community that “We Care”. Guaranteeing that everyone has access to education and support at all levels.

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