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THE GRAND LIVE DRAW Jumbo Ticket, one of the leading international online lottery industries, we wish everyone a Happy New Year. We hope 2022 brings you much success and your dreams to life. “Making dreams come into reality” is our resolution now and for years to come. As we grow globally, we endeavor to help […]

Here's what makes Jumbo Ticket unique compared to other lottery platforms
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The world is evolving towards being completely dependent on technological innovations, like all industries, the lottery industry too has migrated by having a reputable presence online. There are many examples, one such is our own The Jumbo Ticket online lottery platform. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Jumbo Ticket an unique online lottery […]

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Winning a lottery is something that everyone ardently dreams of. And why wouldn’t you? Winning a lottery or hitting a million-dollar jackpot has a microscopically small probability. But what if you find this wildest dream come true one day? Imagine being rich suddenly overnight. It will be a life-changing moment. But sadly, that also comes […]

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Jumbo Ticket is very proud to be one of the top ten best international online lottery sites in the world. Today, we are happy in celebrating our six months of Jumbo Ticket. We are, as you are, overwhelmed with joy and happiness, having the thought that we have created so many big dreamers into winners […]

Peter and Sharon presenting Jumbo Ticket December 2021 Live Draw
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THE GRAND LIVE DRAW Jumbo Ticket is one of the best International online lottery platforms. Our very latest Live draw was held on the 5th of this month, coming up with a total of 75 winners selected from our three huge and exciting Jackpots. Creating many lottery winners for prizes ranging from $100 up to […]

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The Lottery is one of many popular traditional gambling games, where participants play their risks by buying tickets to win a big jackpot prize. What does lottery mean in the modern sense? This article covers from history, meaning to the definition of lottery. Definition of lottery “a drawing of lots in which prizes are distributed […]

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Jumbo Ticket is one of the leading online lottery sites providing an opportunity for people to change their lives. One of the founding values of Jumbo Ticket is to give back to the community, making dreams come true for their users by offering a range of exciting jackpots and much more. This Includes our Jumbo […]